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What is a Data?

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Data is everything, the quesiton you asked consisted of data.

data is the entity on which programs written or work. like library systems it is student details, book details on which program works.

2011-09-01 09:48:18
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Q: What is a Data?
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What is a repository for definitions of data processes data flows data stores and data elements.?

The repository for definitions of data processes data flows data stores and data elements is the "DATA DICTIONARY"

Data processing stages?

Data processing methods include: - data orientation - data coding - data input - data manipulation - data preparation - data output.

What is a data dictionary?

A data dictionary is dictionary which contain meta data. data about data is called meta data.

What component is necessary in a bar and line graph?


What is master data metadata and run time data?

Metadata is data that is about data.?æ Although it describes the data, it's not considered business data. Master data is business data. Run-time data is data that is in the process of being run.

What is data where housing and mining?

it's data warehouse: it is a collection of multiple databases or it it is repository of mining it is the process of extracting data from data warehouse.

Another word simliar to storage?

Data Store Data Reserve Data Stow Data Warehouse Data Repository Data Depot Data Storehouse

What is a series of data used to create a chart called?

It is called the source data.It is called the source data.It is called the source data.It is called the source data.It is called the source data.It is called the source data.It is called the source data.It is called the source data.It is called the source data.It is called the source data.It is called the source data.

What are the 5 stages of data processing cycle?

There are six (6) stages of the data processing cycle:data collectiondata preparationdata inputdata processingdata storagedata output

Is moving data the same as duplicating data?

No, Moving data is not same as duplicating data. When we copy data that causes duplication of data . And while moving we are just changing the storage location of data.To copy data is duplication, but to move data does not cause duplication.

Data formats and data collection?

Data formats: It is formating all data file from pcs.whatever it is not use.suppose when data is full,and some data we want to delete it.. Data collection: It is the collection of new data file.when new data is collecting..

Difference between meta data and data dictionary?

Data dictionary is a repository to store all information. Meta data is data about data. It is data that defines other data. The data dictionary can be metadata that describes some information about the database.

What makes up meta data what kind of data makes up meta data?

Metada data is data that describes other data.

What is data cleaning in clinical data management?

Data cleaning is where the data may have missing data such as gender and the data manager has to go back to the source to find the data or data is incorrect and has to be corrected back at the source.

What is plant bio-data?


Is data noun or verb?

a noun u can get data and use data but not do data

How can you change the data in to raw data?

The initial data that you collect is raw data.

What is measurable data?

Measurable data is data that can be measure by a quantity. Measurable data is also known as quantitative data.

What is data and data gathering?

data is raw collection of related infromation data gathering is the process of collecting that data

What are threats to data integrity?

Threats to data integrity include data redundancy, data inconsistency and data anomalies.

What is data protection?

data protection is the protection of data from wrong people. we can protect our data by keeping a password on our data.

What is a pilot data?

Pilot data is the controlling data in the data warehouse which is found by combining different data mart.

What is the difference between data files and data records?

Data files are data whereas data records are backups.

What is Cycle of data processing how does it work?

The data processing cycle is the order in which data is processed. There are four stages; # Data collection # Data input # Data processing and storage # Data output

Define Data modulation in data communication and networks?

Data modulation is a method of Electronic packing of data. In Data communication data is transmitted through a process which is called "Data Modulation".