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What is a Day-Night Lever on a car?


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2006-07-19 19:00:45
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Usually it's the lever that changes the rear view mirror to night position so you w0n't be blinded by someone's lights.


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Are you speaking of a rear view mirror - if so the lever will eliminate the glare caused by vehicles following you at night

a toy car has a wheel and axle and am pretty sure has a lever in they somewhere

a hood release lever is a lever that releases the hook in the front of the car so it can pop open.

some lever simple machines are a stapler, scissors are a lever and wedge, there is lever machines is a car.

There is a lever in the back of the car in the boot.

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with the lever under your dashboard

A car door is a second class lever. The fulcrum is the hinges, the input force is the person opening the door, the output force is the way the car door swings, the bar is the door, and the load is the force put on the door.

In construction...all those big yellow earth movers have levers...even in your car the gear shifter is a form of lever...

P = Park R = Reverse N = Neutral D = Drive You move the lever to the positions like P if the car is parked, R to reverse the car and D when you drive forward. Remember for safety the car will not start unless the lever is on P or N and the keys will not come out unless you put the lever in P

When you open the Drivers side door, look down and you will see a lever with the picture of a car with its hood up. Once you pull the lever the hood will slightly pop up, after that go to the front of the car and between the hood and the grille there will be a lever. Pull that lever and pull the hood up once the lever is as high as it can go. Now that your hood is open, put the hood support rod into its hole. Now you have an open hood.

this you have to look in your hand book that you have in the car when you buy it

cable from shifter to transmission is broken.

rip the car apart and get a macanic to do it

wheels- wheel axle gear shift- lever pedal- inclined plane, lever seat belt- pulley mirrors- inclined plane Shocks and brakes have wedges, and also screws hold the car together.

About 29 1/2 days. The same time it takes from one full moon to the next.

Look for the lever on the lower left side of the dashboard. Pull the lever then head to the front of the car. There is a t-shaped lever in the front, under the hood, Pull that handle toward you and lift the hood.

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