What is a Dirtbike?


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If you have never owned a dirt bike its a motorcycle made for off road and not on road purposes but you may change the tires to go on road. Once you get better you can race one another, free ride, or do free style. I recommend free ride once you get used to the bike. There are also different dirt bikes for example: 50cc, 70cc, 80cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, and 250cc. There are also two different kinds of dirt bikes, Trail and Racing. Trial dirt bikes are for the mountains and free ride but not made for racing they also go slower than racing dirt bikes. Racing Dirt bikes are made for racing and are way faster than trail bikes. There are also 4stroke dirt bikes and 2stroke dirt bikes. 2 strokes take oil in there gas and way faster than four strokes and 4 strokes take regular gas. I was at the trake once with a kid with a 2stroke and I have a 4stroke 80cc and course he beat me to a race not because I'm not bad because I have been riding for about 4 or 5 years its because he had a 2 stroke. but the kid did have more skill than I did because he did actual races. sometimes its not how big the bike is its how much skill you have


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You can buy it at a dealership or online.

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90 to 100 depending who is riding

Dirtbike or motorcycle? kx, ex, ninja?

it will maybe go around 60-90 if your lucky

My 2004 XR80R, dirtbike, went around 45mph.

No such thing as a 5-stroke dirtbike.

Any where from 30 to 45mph. It depends on what brand and the size of the rider.

Forget football. get a dirtbike. race motocross. become a man. Actually you are probably to wussy to. And you think its not physically demanding because you have never even ridden a dirtbike. I hate jocks. and you.

Dirtbike its build for offroad riding well if you wan't to ride dirtbike on street or city i recomended that you must have motorcycle licenses,insurance and equipment(like helmet and other etc..) and if police catch you they probably get u a ticket or they asking for your licenses and insurance and about the plate idk about that but u should ask the police or reading law information and made sure that you know all the law rules before you ridding dirtbike or atv also atv its same thing as dirtbike they are buid for offroad only so yeah READ THE LAW RULES BEFORE U RIDDING ATV OR DIRTBIKE ON CITY OR STREET POLICE CAN GET U EITHER A TICKET OR TAKE UR VECHILE ALWAYS AND ALSO U CAN'T COURT THEM BECAUSE POLICE KNOW ALOT LAW RULES THEN U

It tops out about 50-80, really depends the bike and how much weight is on it.

I believe you should get a 250cc dirtbike

a fourwheeler to start out with. then maybe a dirtbike

Anybody can have a dirtbike. There is no law. But where you ride it can effect the law.

For trails XR100-XR650.For motocross YZ85-Yz125no that is not. the best is a razor electric dirtbike

Yes every dirtbike, car, or ATV came with a title.

you only use mixed oil if its a 2-stroke dirtbike

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