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Leige, Belgium, has been the location of many firearms manufacturers for at least 2 centuries, so I suspect that is where it was made. My database doesn't have any thing even close to "Masquelier". If you can find any proofmarks, they may give a hint to the approximate date. Value will depend on the quality of the gun and its condition, but unless it is elaborately decorated and almost as new, it will not be great. If it has side hammers and damascus or twist steel barrels, it is most likely to sell as a mantle decoration for $125-$150. If an experienced gunsmith approves it for use, it may attract the attention of a Cowboy Action Shooter willing to pay about twice that. If it is a bit newer, with back hammers and fluid steel barrels, it should still be a shooter (again, only if approved by a gunsmith), worth $250 or more.

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Q: What is a E Masquelier shotgun?
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