What is a Facebook account?

Well, Facebook is a social-networking site, and if you create an account, you can find coworkers or friends or whatever, and friend them and you can chat with them, update your status, and write on somebody's wall. A wall is, well, it shows the picture that you uploaded, (optional) and your friends can go on it and talk to you, or a random person could, but you CAN change that. You can also put pictures onto a photo album for others to see. It is addictive, but a great way to stay in touch or get last-minute information. It is a great thing to sign up for, but for teens it's fun, but they'll always be on it. Facebook is by far the greatest social networking site, AND the most popular. I also recommend the movie the social network, which is about the making of Facebook and how Mark Zuckerberg took all the glory for himself. I hope you find this more helpful than the last answer, something about smashing a book in your face.