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Doing some research myself on this subject and have only been able to determine that the company was named Forehand from 1890 to 1902. It had originally been named Forehand & Wadsworth, and was renamed when Wadsworth retired. It was sold be the family in 1902 to Hopkins & Allen. Sorry this only gives a rough date, but so far this is all I have found. The first answer narrows the date of manufacture down to a 13 year period, and that is a pretty small window for an old gun. All I can add is that if they were still using leftover F&W grips, it was probably made fairly early in this period. Unfortunately, this is not enough to get an antique designation from the ATF since the model was still being made after 12/31/1898 and there are no records to prove which side of that arbitrary date yours was manufactured.

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How much is a Texas Scout 22 caliber pistol worth?

Revolver, made in Germany, buffalo on the grips? $75-$100 in very good condition.

Forehand Wadsworth British Bulldog revolver serial 82778 there is no marking on caliber would like to know the value and caliber about 90-95 condition?

I did my research on the gun itself and it is .32 caliber. Its worth about $1,750. for more info e-mail me at t7k7t7@aol.com

What is an old S and W Revolver worth?

depends on model, caliber and overall condition

How much is a Forehand model 1901 Hopkins Allen hammerless double action 3 and one fourth inch barrel revolver worth?

I just got one at a gun show, 50% bluing mechanically perfact, bore clean with crisp rifiling for grips totally intact $100.

How much is a Connecticut Valley Arms 32 caliber black powder revolver worth?

a32 caliber black power connecticut a thousand dollar

You recently acquired a Forehand and Wadsworth British Bulldog revolver serial 76234 an you are curious about its worth and caliber?

Can't be answered without a DETAILED description of ALL markings, barrel length, sights, stock material, box, papers, accessories, history, finish, overall condition, etc..

How much is a 31 caliber colt 1849 pocket revolver worth?

100-1000 or more depending on specifics

What is a Ruger 22 Caliber Single Six revolver worth?

$150-$300, depending on type of metal and condition.

How much is a Forehand 38 caliber revolver patented Dec 7-86 Jan 11-87 worth?

Check current auctions and copies of the Blue Book of Gun Values. Without more information I can only give you a range of 10-1000 USD depending on specifics

How much is a 1881 forehand arms 38 cal revolver dated June 8 1881 worth in good condition?

You wil need to check the auction sites to see what they are bringing.

How much would an German revolver handgun be worth?

You would have to give more information. Exactly what brand, model, caliber, and what condition is it in?

How much is a Hopkins and Allen 32 caliber revolver made in 1886 worth?

go to: thefirearmsforums.com once on site go to forum: 'ask the pro's what's it worth'....................

What is the value of a 38 caliber Smith and Wesson Model 10 6 revolver serial d788412?

Well since that seems to be the serial number on my model 10 revolver, it's worth $269.00. That's what I bought it for.

What is the price on a twenty two caliber revolver?

Anywhere from $20 to $2000. Depends on the revolver, its make, model, and condition. An RG brand revolver might be worth $20, a high end Colt or S&W target revolver from the custom shop will be worth a lot more. If you can post here again with some information on your revolver, we can try to give you a better answer. PS- in the 1896 Sears catalog, their cheapest firearm was their 69 cent .22 Short revolver.

What is a us revolver worth?

Depends on the revolver.

How much is a Brazilian 32 caliber snub nose revolver worth?

$25-$200, depending on make, model, and condition. We can't answer without some information- like asking what a car is worth.

What is the value of a colt 357 magnum revolver worth?

Depends on what model, finish, barrel length, grips and grip material, engraving, box, papers, etc.. Range from 300-3000

Description or image of 32 caliber Hopkins and Allen revolver serial number in 9000s?

Have H&A 32cal with serial number z249 .How old and whats it worth.

How much is a 1974 Virginian pistol worth?

Need to know caliber, barrel length, whether its a revolver or semi-auto, if a revolver is it DA or SA, finish, overall condition, does it have the original box, papers, all markings,etc..

What is a 1906 hopkins and allen co saftey police revolver worth?

80% or better around $100. Cylinder has to lock up and turn properly, VG or better barrel, unbroken grips.

What is 1932 army 32 revolver worth?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings, finish, condition, caliber, sights, box, papers, accessories, etc..

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