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Depending on the state, it can vary. In Wisconsin, for example, under 55 is potential 4x400m Relay stuff, under 52 will win you a couple meets, under 51 is a likely conference champion, and under 50 is a State Finals time. But to win, you have to run a mid-48 to high-47 to be a guarantee.

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What is a good time for high school 3000 meter track and field?

10 minutes or so.

Is the university of Arizona a good cooking school?

I beileve it is a good school for the medical field but not for the culinary field.

What does GJ means in track and field?

Good job, i guess :)

What sports were ancient Athenians good at?

Sports that the Athenians were good at was everything Track and Field.

Are track and field athletes rich?

It all depends on how good your are and what even you do.

How do you become a professional track and field athlete?

Practice, patience, and a good coach.

Is track at school a good way to lose weight?

yes it is

Does Percy Julian Middle School have a good Track and Field team?

Yes they do. Julian's Track team has practice every day and works extremely hard. There hard work pays off because they make it to state EVERY YEAR.

Why do people dislike track and field?

(American) dislike track and field long distance because not all Americans are good at it. Also, it is 10-30 minutes just for a single event, with is not exciting compared to a few touchdowns and field goals.

Where can one purchase used track and field equipment in Montreal?

A good place one can purchase used track and field equipment in Montreal is 'Sporting Canada' website. Ebay is always a good place to buy used items for low prices.

What physical benefits can be gained from track?

Increased lung capacity and endurance (stamina), plus a good dose of diligence are just a few of the benefits associated with 'track', AKA 'track and field'.

What does a middle school treasurer do?

A treasurer is good with numbers and keeps track of funds.

How do you get good at track and field in a week? don't. It takes many weeks and months of hard work to get good at any of the events.

Did Jackie Joyner kersee get good grade?

yes she got strait As thats why she got to do track and field

How is FSU track and field program?

their Mens team is very good in sprints, along with Texas A&m's

What are some good chants for track and field?

Hey Hey You get out of our way Today is the day We will put you away!

Are high school grades important for law school?

They are not in the US. As long as the college grades show a good track record.

What is a good slogan for after school program?

Be cool,stay in school. Don't be whack stay on track. Less drugs more hugs

What is a good 3200 meter time for high school track?

for girls- 13 minutes or under

How long does it take to run around a track field?

a really good high school time would be between 40 and no higher then 50 a older person would be around a 1 or 1:30 depending on age

How do you be good in track and field?

Practice until you can't practice anymore! Eat healthy, train hard and sleep well.

What sports do people in Italy play?

Mainly football, but they are very good at track and field sports. Hope you find his useful.

What should kids when running track races?

i believe 800 meters. a good time for a 12 year old girl would be 2:50. A good time for 400 meters would be 80 seconds. If u want to win thoses are good times

Where do you get coached for track and field races?

You usually start at a young age in a club where they coach you and go to meets. If you are good go onto high school and you can get picked up by a collage scout who will give you a free ride. Then, you are coached there at the college.

Can you go to law school with a sports management degree?

The key is good track record with grades and studies in college. The actually topic studied will be important, but not critical. This looks like a good track to be a sports agent.