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What is a Green Industry?

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  1. it is the industry that has no effect on life of people and it is useful for all individuals
  2. it is very important to all society
  3. it protect the environment from pollution
  4. it is saves money for the state
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What is green industry?

Environment friendly industry. Green Industry is producing environment friendly products or products which should help improve nature conditions to better. And also during working process cause minimal damage to environment. Green industry ought recycling waste of working process (cutting) and recycling waste energy (heat). Green industry ought to reach wasteless working process. The green industry is focused on eliminating or significantly reducing dependence on oil, green house emissions, and toxins.

What was the green party position in industry and agriculture?

The green party position in Industry and agriculture is 35-50% of climate destabilizing greenhouse gases that are produced are the green party position.

Is the dairy industry a green industry?

haha u dont need 2 know this!

What is the definition of green belt land?

An area where industry is banned.

Strategy and safeguard environment in hospitality industry?

going green, ecotourism

What are the problems in industry?

many produce green-house gasses and are bad for the environment

Why are the packers named the packers?

Because of the meat-packing industry in Green Bay.

When did the Green Movement reach the furniture industry?

The Green Movement reached the furniture industry at the close of the 1990s. A few small companies started to recycle shipping pallets into fine furniture, such as coffee tables, desks, and dressers.

What are some changes in the tangerine industry over the last 25 years?

more green :) lol

What green house gas has increased due to the success of cow farm industry?

Methane and CO2

What does the name packers come from?

The Green Bay Packers name derived from the fact that Green Bay, Wisconsin used ot be a center of the meat packing industry

What are the noticeable effects of green screen?

Green screen is used within the entertainment industry, the 'green screen' is used to create a different environment of the background. The colour green is used as it differs greatly in contrast to our human colours, making for accurate changes in the background.

What are the effects of Green tourism?

bring more money to tourism industry and conserve the tourism also reduce the desforestation

What are the raw materials for sugar industry?

Is this a joke it is of course sugar cane a tall green plant grown on hawaii mainly

What 's Green Transaction?

Green Transaction is a new word put forwarded by PCB Partner in Printed Circuit Board Industry. PCB Partner sparkplugs "Green Transaction" in the business process to short the business process, cut the transaction cost of PCB industry and improve the business efficiency. For PCB industry, going Green is not only an issue of using environment-friendly materials and not emitting pollutions, but also of saving energy, cutting cost during operation and reducing the depletion of all kinds of resources. But most business person ignored the high transaction cost produced from business process which amounts to 2.75 billion in whole PCB industry. It is a great support to "Green" if we can cut this cost greatly. For more details ,you can visit the yahoo group:

What has the author Jennifer Thomas written?

Jennifer Thomas has written: 'Spanish for Hospitality and Food Service' 'English for the green industry' -- subject(s): Conversation and phrase books (for landscaping industry employees), Employees, English language, Landscape architecture, Landscape gardening, Landscaping industry, Terminology

On a 480V277 volt 3 phase electrical system what is the industry standard for color code for Phase A?

A: Brown B: Orange C: Yellow Neutral: Grey Ground: Green or Green with a yellow stripe.

What are some subfields of biotechnology?

There are four subfields that biotechnology is categorized into: Green, Blue, White, and Red. Green has to do with plants; blue has to do with water; red is for medicinal purposes; white is for beneficial gain in a specific industry.

What are the environmental factors affecting tourism?

The environmental factors are:Green/responsible valuesPhysical carrying capacityTourism industry backlashCocooning

What is colour coding for water supply line in construction industry?

Blue, gas is red, electricity is yellow, cable is orange, sewer is green.

What growth did the automobile industry lead to?

over using of automobiles and an increase in natural gas, causing a more severe green house effect

What has the author Emery A Odell written?

Emery A. Odell has written: 'Eighty years of swiss cheese in Green County' -- subject(s): Cheese industry, History, Swiss cheese 'Swiss cheese industry' -- subject(s): Cheese, Dairying

What has the author D A Green written?

D. A Green has written: 'Auto-oxidation potential of raw and retored oil shale' -- subject- s -: By-products, Combustion, Spontaneous, Oil-shale industry, Shale oils, Spontaneous Combustion

What is the purpose of the Green Dot licensing system in the EU?

The purpose of the Green Dot licensing system in EU is to symbolize the European network of industry-funded systems for recycling the packaging materials of consumer goods. This symbol is trademark protected worldwide.

Who uses 3D printers?

Aeronautic trade. Engineering Industry. Car Industry. Business Products. Buyer Goods Industry. Shopper Electronics. Safeguard Industry. Dental Industry. Training Industry. Medicinal Industry. Form Industry.