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What is a Herters 22 revolver worth?


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Herters was an importer headquartered in Minnesota from the early 1960's to 1979. The guns they imported were of good quality but strictly valued as shooters. I'd suggest you check one of the chain sporting goods stores like Dicks or Garts or Gander Mountain for the cheapest NEW .22 revolver and figure yours is worth about 2/3 as much if it is like new, 1/2 if worn but functional or nothing if it's rusted and broken.


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Herter's imported revolvers made by Sauer & Sohn in West Germany. Try for parts.

It is worth around 200 to 600 dollar

A Lver Johnson model 1900 22 revolver gun can be worth $115 dollar or up. It all depends on the shape it is in.

Depending on condition, $150-$200.

Depends on the revolver.

$150-$300, depending on type of metal and condition.

IF the revolver is marked ".22 LR" yes. If it is marked ".22 WMR" or .22 Mag" or " .22 WRF", then NO.

the Iver Johnson target 22cal. revolver used with minor wear is worth $115.00

very nice 22 revolver depending on condition worth between100 to250 bucks

what is the value of a rohn model 67 revolver?

Anywhere from $20 to $2000. Depends on the revolver, its make, model, and condition. An RG brand revolver might be worth $20, a high end Colt or S&W target revolver from the custom shop will be worth a lot more. If you can post here again with some information on your revolver, we can try to give you a better answer. PS- in the 1896 Sears catalog, their cheapest firearm was their 69 cent .22 Short revolver.

That 22 revolver is IJ targeted sealed made in Pittsburg, Ms.

Only if it's a .22 Long Rifle revolver. It's not compatible with the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire.

A .22 revolver takes CARTRIDGES. Which .22 cartridge will depend on what caliber the revolver was made for. A .22 LR can shoot Long Rifle or Short cartridges, and a .22 WMR uses .22 magnum cartridges. They do not interchange. There are a few .22 revolvers that have 2 cylinders, and can shoot either cartridge.

Impossible to value without knowing who made it and what shape it is in.

50 USD topscan you tell me anything about the value of the gun at all?

I believe you have a revolver imported by Herter's of Waseca MN. The firm imported European firearms until about 1980. Values were generally low, around $100-$125.

Not really worth the time or money. If you have to have it done, let a gunsmith do it.

Your revolver is 9 shot revolver any speed loader made for a 9 shot 22 revolver might work but I have never seen such a thing

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