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Herters was an importer headquartered in Minnesota from the early 1960's to 1979. The guns they imported were of good quality but strictly valued as shooters. I'd suggest you check one of the chain sporting goods stores like Dicks or Garts or Gander Mountain for the cheapest NEW .22 revolver and figure yours is worth about 2/3 as much if it is like new, 1/2 if worn but functional or nothing if it's rusted and broken.

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Q: What is a Herters 22 revolver worth?
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How much is a herters single action 22 long rifle pistol worth six shot revolver?


What is a Herters and Waseca 22 Pistol Worth?

5-50 usd

Where can you find parts for a Herters 22 revolver?

Herter's imported revolvers made by Sauer & Sohn in West Germany. Try for parts.

How much is a 22 revolver worth?

It is worth around 200 to 600 dollar

What is a Iver Johnson model 1900 22 revolver worth?

A Lver Johnson model 1900 22 revolver gun can be worth $115 dollar or up. It all depends on the shape it is in.

What is a 22 H R 22 revolver never fired worth?

200 USD

How much is a gecado 22 short revolver worth?


What is your kimel 22 revolver worth and what years were they made?

No published data.

What is a 22 herters hand gun made in Germany?


How much is a herters 357 mag worth?

50-300 usd

What is a herters model xk3 270 worth?

50-325 usd

What is a like new 22 Liberty revolver worth?

50-75 USD

What is a model 60 triumph 22 revolver worth?

20-80 usd

What is your FIE single action 22 revolver worth?

10-100 usd

What is a herters j9 7mm manuf in Yugoslavia worth?

100-400 or so

How much is a 22 revolver H and R mod 923 worth?


How much is a Herter's 8-shot 22 revolver worth?

20-100 or so

What is a 1958 ruger bearcat 22 caliber revolver worth?

50-500 usd

How much is herters 6mm rifle 1960 worth?

Depending on condition, $150-$200.

How much is a Jones import 22 short revolver year 1962 worth?


What is a Taurus Model 94 22 cal revolver worth?

$235.00 = LNIB w/ Papers !

What is a ruger single six revolver 22 worth 2047491?

100-300 depending on specifics

How much is a frontier scout 22 revolver k model worth?

50-300 usd

What is a us revolver worth?

Depends on the revolver.

What is a 22 wester 6 kimel revolver worth serial no k25587?

20-60 USD or so

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