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What is a Hetergenous Mixture?


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A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture that contains two or more of different and insoluble substances.

Ex: A mixture of Sand and Rocks is a heterogeneous mixture as they do not diffuse evenly.

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No. A compound is a pure substance.

Salt water is considered to be a homogeneous mixture.

A heterogenous mixture means you can see all the components. So the actual ingredients in making the cookie dough are a homogeneous mixture but...the final product (The cookie) yes would be a heterogeneous mixture.

Yes. Think of a glass of ice water, a common Hetergenous mixture. Can you use your fingers to remove the ice? This is a physical method.

Hetergenous mixtures are made of different substances that remain physically separate.

Gas is a state of matter. Gases can be heterogeneous or homogeneous mixtures, even though all gases are mutually miscible. For example, a container filled with a dense gas on the bottom and a lighter gas on the top would be heterogeneous until it is mixed. Air trapped in a container, on the other hand, would be a homogeneous mixture.

It is not pure and it is not homogeneous.

water is homogeneous but milk is heterogeneous milk is emulsion of water and protein

Boil the water and let it evaporate. Even though the solute is distributed evenly, it is still its own substance in the end and, thus, it will not evaporate along with the water. Leaving the solute in the container. If u want to just separate the mixture to make them both visible in a hetergenous mixture. Cool the water down to below the solubility point of the solute. It should start to crystallize, and there you go =)

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the ct scan said thyroid is hetergenous in apperance their is mild enlargement of the right lobe of the thyroid

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