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There have been several different models of Sears 12 guage pumps- most common were the model 20's and 30's. The model 21 did have a vent rib and an adjustable choke- was made by Flight King for Sears. In guns, condition drives a MAJOR part of the value. The 27th edition of Gun Traders Guide indicates a selling price of ABOUT $125 for good condition, up to about $225 for new in box. The Sears firearms tended to be for shooting, not collecting, and as a result, their prices are not screamingly high. I DO have a couple that I still shoot, and they do that very well.

AnswerA bit heavy, but very stoutly built, the Higgins model 20 with the removable power PAC choke tubes was made by High Standard from the late 40s through the mid-late 50s & can be found at most gun shows for $125-$150.
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Q: What is a JC Higgins 12 ga pump shotgun with an adjustable choke on the barrel worth?
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You don't give us the model, so it is hard to answer the question. Assuming the gun does not have an obvious adjustable choke, the choke is probably not easily adjustable. A gunsmith can open the choke (from Full to Modified for example) or can install internal interchangeable choke tubes (costs around $125).

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I have a sears and robuck 20 ga. pump with adjustable choke on the end of the barrel

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Jc Higgins model 60 12 gauge when equipped with adjustable choke?


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j. c. higgins 12 ga auto vented rib adjustable choke

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