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There have been several different models of Sears 12 guage pumps- most common were the model 20's and 30's. The model 21 did have a vent rib and an adjustable choke- was made by Flight King for Sears. In guns, condition drives a MAJOR part of the value. The 27th edition of Gun Traders Guide indicates a selling price of ABOUT $125 for good condition, up to about $225 for new in box. The Sears firearms tended to be for shooting, not collecting, and as a result, their prices are not screamingly high. I DO have a couple that I still shoot, and they do that very well.

AnswerA bit heavy, but very stoutly built, the Higgins model 20 with the removable power PAC choke tubes was made by High Standard from the late 40s through the mid-late 50s & can be found at most gun shows for $125-$150.
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Q: What is a JC Higgins 12 ga pump shotgun with an adjustable choke on the barrel worth?
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What is a shotgun full choke barrel?

A barrel with a full choke.

What is a cylinder bored shotgun barrel?

A shotgun barrel with a cylinder bore choke.

Can you use birdshot in a jc Higgins shotgun with poly-choke?

Yes- that is what the poly-choke is for.

How do you change the choke on a 12 gauge J C Higgins shotgun?

You don't give us the model, so it is hard to answer the question. Assuming the gun does not have an obvious adjustable choke, the choke is probably not easily adjustable. A gunsmith can open the choke (from Full to Modified for example) or can install internal interchangeable choke tubes (costs around $125).

Where can I buy a sears roebuck mod 21 shotgun in a 20 gauge?

I have a sears and robuck 20 ga. pump with adjustable choke on the end of the barrel

What is a choke bored barrow?

If you mean a choke bored barrel, it designates the amount of constriction a shotgun barrel has.

Can you shoot buckshot with adjustable choke shotgun?

Yes. Slugs are not a good idea, due to potential damage to the adjustable choke. Buckshot should be fine.

What is the choke on a Stevens Model 311 Series H Twelve Gauge Shotgun?

They came in various barrel lengths and choke combinations. If it is not marked on the side of the barrel, you will have to pattern the shotgun to determine the choke

Jc Higgins model 60 12 gauge when equipped with adjustable choke?


Can you shoot slugs through a adjustable choke shotgun?

In most cases, the makers do not recommend it. With some adjustable chokes, the "fingers" that make up the choke can be damaged by a slug.

What is a choke on a shotgun?

The Choke of a shotgun is the amount of barrel restriction at the muzzle end which affects the shot pattern. A full choke will keep the spray pattern of the pellets closer together farther out than if the barrel was not restricted at the muzzle. If there is no restriction at the muzzle, the choke is said to be cylinder choke or cylinder bore.

What is a 12 ga jc Higgins shot gun worth?

j. c. higgins 12 ga auto vented rib adjustable choke

What do the asterisks mean on shotgun barrels?

They probably denote what choke the barrel has.

What ios the name for the narrowing at the muzzle end of a shotgun barrel?


Do shotguns need chokes?

It is possible to fire a shotgun without a choke, but it is highly not reccomended, and they don't cost that much If you select a barrel with no choke (cylinder) it will cause the pattern to be looser than for a barrel of a shotgun that has a tighter choke. The extreme is "full choke" which keeps a tight pattern out to the effective range. Full choke is typically used for waterfowl. A shotgun that is pressed into double duty (shot for small game and slugs for big game) would work well to have modified choke. Slugs have to be designed to fire through a full choke without blowing the barrel but you will certainly shorten the life of the barrel by firing slugs through a choked barrel. If you can afford an extra barrel, then use a cylinder (no choke) for slugs. Remington and other shotgun manufacturers have interchangeable choke tubes (see link) that allow you to screw in the appropriate choke for your quarry.

Choke of sears model 20 plain barrel with 3 stars?

choke of sears model 20 12 gage plain barrel shotgun has 3 stars on barrel

Can a choke tube increase the diameter of the barrel of a shotgun?

No. A choke tube slips into and screws to the muzzle end of the barrel. It can only decrease the inside diameter.

What shot gun choke is best for shooting buck shot?

Either a full choke,or extra full choke shotgun barrel.

What is the choke on a rifle?

A choke is a device placed on the end of a shotgun barrel that changes the pattern of the shot as it leaves the rifle.

What is shotgun barrel choke?

the barrel is constricted at the end to make the pattern of shot flow density wider or tighter. Usually from cylinder up to full choke

Can you shoot a shotgun slug threw a full choke barrel?

only once.

Can a slug be safely shot through a full choke shotgun barrel?


What are choke tubes?

Tubes that constrict the column of shotgun pellets as they exit the barrel

What is the name for the narrowing at the muzzle end of a shotgun barrel?

It is called "choke". lcj

What is the age and value of a Stevens Savage shotgun model 77B with adjustable choke?

Approximate value on this shotgun is $130 - $200 depending on condition.