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Metalhead is a popular term for a devoted fan of heavy metal music and is often used interchangeably with the term "headbanger". Since the early 1990s however, the use of the term has declined in favour of the more fashionable "metalhead" tag. There is one school of thought among the heavy metal subculture that the "metalhead" and "headbanger" labels represent distinctive groups within it, with metalhead being a generic term for metal fans as a whole and headbangers representing older fans or fans of older metal styles. This idea does have some merit as older heavy metal fans often dress in a distinctively 'retro' fashion from younger fans, favour different or more traditional bands and eschew some aspects of the culture that have developed in recent years. Nevertheless, both groups share common interests that go beyond a preferred musical style and together comprise a distinctive counterculture. Apart from the music itself, the most distinctive aspect of metalhead culture is its fashion. Like the music at its cultural core, these fashions have experienced levels of change and diversity over the decades. The evolution of metalhead fashion has in fact been quite pronounced, from a style that could almost be defined as a uniform in earlier times to a far more broadminded look recently. Some aspects of this fashion have spawned a backlash that seems to be renewing an interest in older trends among some members of the sub-culture.

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Q: What is a Metalheads role in society?
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