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In good condition the going collectors price is around $240.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-13 21:12:51
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Q: What is a Model 72 Savage 22 with an octagon barrel worth?
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What is a savage 1899 B octagon barrel in 303 savage worth?

The Savage model 1899B ranges in price from 550-900 dollars for a rifle with between 60%-90% of mits original finish remaining,and a good bore.

What is the value of a Savage Arms 22 cal pump action rifle with an octagonal barrel with serial no 13549 worth?

I am going to assume that you have a savage model 29 pump action .22cal rifle.These were made with a octagon barrel up to 1940.these 22 cal rifles range in price from 220-350 dollars depending on condition.

What is a 300 savage model 99 worth?

what is a Savage 300 model 99 worth?

What is a IJ target model 1900 .22 caliber octagon barrel worth these days?

$100 to $250 depinding on the condition..

How much is a Winchester model 60 22 rifle worth and an octagon barrel 22 rifle worth?

i recently went to a local auction and one sold for 1000

What is a Model 94 full octagon barrel worth?

Have to know who made it, all markings, features, finish, condition, box, papers, accessories.

What is a Wards Hercules model 50 12 ga dbl barrel shotgun worth and when was it made and by what company?

From what I'm told the Model 50 is the same as a Savage Model 311.

What is Savage Model 311-A Double Barrel 16 Gauge shotgun worth?

Being a sxs its approx gun value is $350.00I

How much is a Savage Arms model 71 Stevens favorite worth?

How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ?

What is a model 39 with blued finish octagon barrel high speed in 95 condition worth Serial 18151 what year mfg?

You have to tell us who made it.

What is the value of savage model 6A?

your savage model 6a is worth between 40-140 dollars.

Savage model 500 double worth?

i have a savage model510stricker chambered in 308 with a mounted scope what is it worth

What is a savage model 110 cal 243 bolt action worth?

worth 243 savage boltaction

What is a 22 cal pump action rifle with octagon barrel modle12c worth?


Winchester model 1894 30 wcf half octagon and round barrel also has peep site what is it worth serial number 231xxx?

the peep sight ruined the value worth maybe a fraction of origonal

What is the age and value of a 303 Savage Rifle?

What is my 303 savage model 99 worth?

How much is a Stevens Savage Model 1240 worth?

A Stevens Savage model 1240 is worth anywhere from $50 to $150 dollars. The value is determined by the bore and mechanical condition of the gun.

What is a 32 caliber single shot with octagon barrel worth?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description

What is a rossi new in the box 22 cal octagon barrel worth?

$350-$475 retail

How much is a Savage Arms revelation model 115 worth?

The Savage Arms Revelation model 115 is worth $150 in good condition. Revelation was a Western Auto name. The Western Auto is really a Savage 46.

What Is A Savage Model 16 270wsm Worth?

750.00 $

What is the model 340 222 worth?

savage arms

What is a savage model 99c 7mm 08 worth?

350-550 dollars depending on overall condition of your savage model 99C.

What is the value of a Savage Model 72 serial number B122806?

the savage model 72 is worth between 70-145 dollars.

Have a 22cal rifle with an octagon barrel and pump type slide made by meriden firearms what is value?

Depends on model and condition. These were not extremely expensive- today would be worth $100-$150

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