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What is a Mystery Gift Members Card?

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if you go to canalve city and check all the houses and the one that is stuck tight make sure you have the members card with you and go to the house that is stuck tight then you go in and then go to sleep in the bed then after that you will appear in new moon island were you can catch darkrai IT'S A LEGENDARY SO USE A MASTER BALL!!!!!

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Where do get the mystery gift members card?

at a Nintendo event

How do you unlock the door in canulave on dimand?

you have to get the members card from mystery gift.

How do you get the Members Card in Diamond?

Mystery Gift or using Action Replay

How do you get a mystery gift members card in pearl?

You can get it through the Nintendo wifi.

How do you get the Member's Card Mystery Card for Pokemon pearl?

you have to obtain the members card through mystery gift.(it may be possible trough AR.)

Can you catch arceus without the mystery gift or members card?

Not without cheating

Where can you find the members card on Pokemon pearl without cheating?

With the Japanese event or mystery gift

What store do you get the membership pass in Pokemon platinum?

you dont buy it you get it from the members card mystery gift

What code is there to get Darkrai without the members card?

There is not code to get one without amember's card. Well there is. Go to mystery gift and search

How do you get a wonder card for the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?

It comes with the Mystery gift...

How can you get a members card on Pokemon diamond?

I think the only way is to use the action replay. or you can get it in mystery gift then open it that has wi fi connect and you'll get a gift like members card the flute to capture arceus and others

How do you get into the harbor inn on Pokemon and i already have the mystery gift?

the event is over but you used to be able to get the members card which allows you to catch darkrai you can still get the members card with action replay

How do you gat the members card in Pokemon platinum?

By Mystery Gift,by Wi-Fi.Hurry,it stops near September 18.

Pokemon platinum how do you get members card?

you may receive the members card through wi fi mystery gift. to get mystery gift, walk up to the guy on the second floor of the jubilife tv station and tell him "EVERYONE HAPPY". he'll talk, then u say "WI-FI CONNECTION". this enables u for mystery gift, found on the opening page. im typing this on the 3rd of august, so u know. go on mystery gift and click receive via wi-fi connection. u wil receive the members card. go to the delivary man in the jubilife mart and u will obtain the members card ^_^ NOTE: Though i know where to use the members card (Canalave City Harbor Inn) i done know HOW to use it...

How do you get the members card with the mystery gift?

You can get the member card in diamond and pearl but the event for it in platinum is august 3rd to September 13th (you have to have wi-fi connection to do this)

In Pokemon pearl how do you get the mystery gift members card?

you have to get it via a wi-fi event, unfortunately it ended last year. however if you have a friend who has it you may be able to "get via friend" on the mystery gift menu

What mystery gifts are avalible on Pokemon Diamond And platinum right now?

Mystery Gift: MANAPHY Egg ---- Mystery Gift: Azure Flute ---- Mystery Gift: Member Card ---- Mystery Gift: Oak's Letter ----

What is wonder card in Mystery Gift?

AnswerIt is a card that gives you an item or a pokemon.

How do you get a wonder card in Pokemon SoulSilver?

mystery giftYou can'tEDIT BY ALLIE207: Mystery Gift on some occasions

Can you get more than 1 mystery event in platinum?

Yes, but you must delete the Mystery Gift card before you receive another Mystery Gift.

How do you get a members card from a friend?

make sure your friend has a member card. then tell your friend to go to "check card" on mystery gift. press a few buttons and he/she should find a menu if it has a "give" option press a. then YOU go to wireless comm. on mystery gift and finally wait for it to appear. P.S. it might not have a "give" option

How do you get in the harbor Inn in Pokemon Pearl?

You need the Mystery Gift Members CardI have beaten Pokemon Pearl please tell me where you are at and I will be able to help

How do you get the members card on Pokemon pearl?

And how to get a mystery gift is you have to link with 3 other friends and they have to have the mystery gift from the reporter on the third floor of Jubilife TV. For that you have to say to the reporter "everyone-happy" and "wi-fi-connection". Then he will say that you will earn a mystery gift.After that go to the title screen with your 3 friends and go on mystery gift and link to friend. that is to get an AZURE FLUTE

How do you get mystery gift check card?

Through a Nintendo event

What happens when you get a Nintendo event?

you get a wonder card or a mystery gift