What is a NIC driver?

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The Network Interface Card driver.

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Q: What is a NIC driver?
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What is used to communicate between the operating system and the NIC installed on your computer?

device driver

When you connect internet windows is automatic restart?

check for the modem/nic driver.. check for virus..

How can you find the nic on your computer?

where can i find my nic driver my emachine desktop computer where i can reinstall please someone help me i have try everything cant find it i hope someone can help me

When installing a NIC driver is the driver supplied by the manufacturer always up to date?

The driver from the manufacturer's website is almost always the most recent one available. The one that came on the CD with the product may not be.

Where can you buy a NIC Driver?

If the network card did not come with one, and the operating system doesn't include one, you can almost always download a driver from the manufacturer's site free of charge.

Where can you download driver for Fedora 10 for an Intel DG31PR motherboard?

The NIC on that motherboard, a Realtek RTL8111, is already supported in Fedora's kernel.

What is the result of updating an old NIC driver on a system?

It depends. Sometimes you might not notice anything at all. Other times, the driver may be more secure and stable. There may even be a performance increase.

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