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What is a Narcissist's reaction when you know he has been cruel to you and taken up with other Supply so you abruptly cut off communication and refuse to talk to him privately?

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March 07, 2009 8:14PM

If he's been cruel and taken up with other NS..... that doesn't

necessarily mean he's not still dependant on you for NS. Especially

if you're his Secondary (stable)NS. If you are part of his

Narcissistic Space.... He may get very resentful and feel

slighted... as in "HOW DARE YOU DENY ME!" They can rage and

threaten in a manner that takes your breath away..... literally. He

may get charming and do whatever it takes to get you to give in.

Once you do..... he may get bored and cruel again or he may just

cool off and go back to his old self. It depends on how much he

needs you and if he has enough NS from other sources. On the other

hand.... if he truly believes you're done with him.... .or he no

longer needs you.... it will be like you're dead to him and you can

expect him to come around only when his other supplies start

petering out. Tremusan Tremusan, I have a question...I dumped my N.

and just realized he has since blocked me on AIM when I do not even

contact him! My friends and family all believe this is because he

wants me to realize and confront him so he can get the "ball in

motion"..what do you think? I agree with your friends and family.

N's are nuts. They want to make it seem like THEY are the ones that

have the upper hand but everything they do is to get a reaction. If

you want to make him squirm....don't contact him. I'm not

contacting mine and I'm sure he is going crazy !

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