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If he's been cruel and taken up with other NS..... that doesn't necessarily mean he's not still dependant on you for NS. Especially if you're his Secondary (stable)NS. If you are part of his Narcissistic Space.... He may get very resentful and feel slighted... as in "HOW DARE YOU DENY ME!" They can rage and threaten in a manner that takes your breath away..... literally. He may get charming and do whatever it takes to get you to give in. Once you do..... he may get bored and cruel again or he may just cool off and go back to his old self. It depends on how much he needs you and if he has enough NS from other sources. On the other hand.... if he truly believes you're done with him.... .or he no longer needs you.... it will be like you're dead to him and you can expect him to come around only when his other supplies start petering out. Tremusan Tremusan, I have a question...I dumped my N. and just realized he has since blocked me on AIM when I do not even contact him! My friends and family all believe this is because he wants me to realize and confront him so he can get the "ball in motion"..what do you think? I agree with your friends and family. N's are nuts. They want to make it seem like THEY are the ones that have the upper hand but everything they do is to get a reaction. If you want to make him squirm....don't contact him. I'm not contacting mine and I'm sure he is going crazy !

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Why do narcissists torture?

narcissists torture to get a reaction. they feed off that energy

What happens to a reaction when the limiting reaction is used up?

The reaction stops abruptly because there is too little of one reactant.

How are soundwaves used for communication?

Talking and listening.

What is the Nurse's reaction to Mercutio?

The Nurse becomes angry and asked to talk to Romeo privately. Romeo and Juliet.

What was Russia's reaction to America landing first on the moon?

Publicly they acclaimed the US for doing so. What they thought privately is possibly different.

Why do narcissists say hurtful things to there girlfriend's to get a reaction?

Because they feel like they own you. You are in their eyes an extension of themselves and will want to project all of the anger and rage they have inside, unto you.

Do narcissists tend to provoke you to get a reaction?

Yes, they control you by your anger and despair and get a very rewarding self-satisfying sick pleasure out of it. Drop the rope in their tug of war game and walk away is the answer.

Why is hearing so important to us?

Hearing is very important to us for communication. You cannot get a reaction without a response.

How does this allow intercellular communication to occur?

The receptor changes shape and activates a chain reaction that leads to the cell changing its activities.

What type of communication is to be used when getting the reaction of the office staff six people in all of a new computerized situation?

a projecter

Is response a noun?

Yes, the word 'response' is a noun, a word for a reaction; an answer to a question; a written reply to a written communication; a word for a thing.

Is oral communication is incomplete and ineffective without feedback?

oral communication is to a greater extent incomplete without feedback.This however comes about in that for communication to be said is complete the receiver should react thus the reaction is feedback..The response may be words or action but all the same thats feedback so oral communication walks hand in hand with feedback.

Reading as a communication process by holiday?

Reading can be consider as communication process, because the token or the symbols( litters or numbers) is not write for as we will have to read, but it was wrote to deliver or to share our opinions or our emotions to whom who will read. Because of this,the writer has a direct communication to reader through text he/she has been written.As we comprehend what has been written, we can emphasize what authors aim. So, we will have our reaction. Therefore, the reader and the writer has a communication to each other.That's why it called as a communication process.

What are the new ways of communicating?

First identify for each situation the communication method that can best achieve your goals. Spoken communication is most effective if you want to see and hear the listener's reaction so that you can respond and modify the project according...

What are the four factors in a closed circuit communication?

1. source (speaker), 2. messages (idea, information), 3. listener/receiver 4. reaction/response

What is the best definition of pathos?

The logical content of communication, including the information being presented and the organizational structure of that information. The anticipated emotional reaction of the audience to the content of a speech or written work.

Why is it important to observe reaction in communication?

Communication is a 2-way process. It is not simply about sending a message, but also about knowing if the receiver has understood and processed the message properly. In face-to-face communication, the person listening may not always indicate verbally if they have understood or if they agree. Observing body language helps the speaker understand if the other person understands/agrees etc. Also, even if the other person replies verbally his or her body language may show that they have not really understood or agreed. Observation helps understand the effectiveness of communication. This is because Body Language ( part of non-verbal communication) is instinctive and more reliable than verbal communication in many cases.

What are the six types of chemical reaction?

six types of reaction are there:-combination reactiondecomposition reactiondisplacement reactiondouble displacement reactionexothermic reactionendothermic reaction

What is the nickname of Newton's third law?

"Action and reaction", or "For every action there is a reaction"."Action and reaction", or "For every action there is a reaction"."Action and reaction", or "For every action there is a reaction"."Action and reaction", or "For every action there is a reaction".

What is the difference between normal reaction and abnormal reaction?

Normal reaction happens when the reaction is normal. Abnormal reaction happens when the reaction is abnormal.

Is decomposition reaction a chemical reaction?

yes a decomposition reaction is a chemical reaction.

What do you mean by redox reaction?

oxidation reaction + reduction reaction = redox reaction!

What is cellular biology?

the study of everything as small as biochemistry, and as large as groups of cells, everything in between. cell structure, metabolism, growth, genetics, cell to cell communication and reaction, and a ton of other stuff.

Can babies and dogs communicate?

No. Babies can respond to what they see and vice versa for the animal. However, what many may consider to be some form of communication is nothing more than a reaction of each others presence.

How to get concern from a boyfriend?

The best way to get a reaction from someone is to express your feelings. You need to have open communication with someone that you are in a relationship with. Tell them how you feel. If they do not provide you with the type of emotional connection that you need, maybe he is not the right one for you.