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What is a Nittany Lion?

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Penn State's nickname is the Nittany Lions. There is a range of ridges in the Appalachian Mountains not far from the Penn State campus called Nittany Mountain. There used to be mountain lions that roamed that range.

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What college has a nittany lion as a mascot?

Penn State has a Nittany Lion as a Mascot.

What is the Penn State mascot?

A nittany lion

What is penn states mascot?

Nittany Lion

When was the nittany lion created?

agust 1,1900

Who is the penn state macot?

The Nittany Lion.

What is the mascot for Penn State University?

Nittany Lion

Who was the first penn state mascot?

nittany lion

What is a nittany...isn't a nittany lion penn states mascott?

Mount Nittany is located very near the Penn State campus and mountain lions used to live there.

What do you call another name for moutianlion or codger?

Nittany lion

Who is the Penn State mascot?

The Nittany Lion is the mascot of Penn State.

Where can someone find information about nittany lion?

The Nittany Lion is a mascot for the athletic teams of Pennsylvania State University. Information can be found on the Wikipedia website and also the Penn State Athletics official website.

What sports mascot starts with the letter N?

The Nittany Lion is the mascot of the Penn State Nittany Lions. Norm the Niner is the the official mascot of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Which former Nittany Lion standout was picked 5th overall in the 1995 NFL Draft?

Kerry Collins

What does nittany mean?

Nittany is a reference to geographic features in Centre County, PA near the campus of Penn State. Nittany can refer to Nittany Valley or Nittany Mountain (more commonly called Mount Nittany) Mount Nittany is one mound in a series of ridges that separates Sugar Valley, Nittany Valley, and Penns Valley.

Which former NIttany Lion holds the school record for career double-doubles with 38?

John Amaechi

What former nittany lion holds the school record for career double-doubles with 38?

John Amaechi

How did Penn State's Nittany Lions Beaver Stadium get its name?

Penn State's mascot is the nittany lion, a type wildcat that reportedly lived in the vicinity of Mt. Nittany, a local mountain. "Beaver" honors James Beaver, who was Pennsylvania's governor near the end of the 19th century and served as president of Penn State's board of trustees.

What Penn Stater has played for Dallas Cowboys?

The latest Nittany Lion-turned-Dallas Cowboy is linebacker Sean Lee, who was drafted in 2010.

When was Nittany Valley Railroad created?

Nittany Valley Railroad was created in 1883.

When did Nittany Valley Railroad end?

Nittany Valley Railroad ended in 1914.

Under which coach did pro wrestling superstar Lex Luger play football in college?

When he was a Nittany Lion, Lex Luger went by the name Lawrence Pfohl.

When was Penn State Nittany Lions football created?

Penn State Nittany Lions football was created in 1887.

What has the author Jackie R Esposito written?

Jackie R. Esposito has written: 'The Nittany Lion' -- subject(s): History, Lions, Mascots, Pennsylvania State University, Statues

When was Penn State Nittany Lions men's soccer created?

Penn State Nittany Lions men's soccer was created in 1911.

What is the motto of Penn State University?

The Motto of Pennsylvania State University is "Making Life Better" and it's colors are White and Dark Blue. It's mascot it the Nittany Lion and the University was founded in 1855.