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A penis skin bridge is an attachment of the shaft of the penis and the head of the penis.

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Q: What is a Penis skin bridge?
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What should I do about this skin bridge on my penis and I am afraid to tell my parents about it?

I had one when I was a kid and it went away when I was 10

Is your penis skin will come back?

if the skin on the penis has been burned by a cigarette, Will the skin grow back ?

Why do circumcised penis of a baby boy get covered by the penis skin?

Penis skin is the foreskin and it's removed during circumcision.

Will the skin on your penis prevent your penis from growing?

No, you were born with it and it's supposed to be there. Therefore, your penis growth will not be affected by your own skin.

What do bridge builders do to avoid torsion?


Does the extra skin on a penis effect sperm development?

Extra skin on the penis does not affect sperm development.

What is the loose fold of skin encicling the penis?

The prepuce (foreskin) is the loose fold of skin encircling the penis.

When you get fat does your body skin hide some of your penis?

Yes, when you get fat your skin can hide some of your penis

Why is the penis darker in color than the body?

The penis is darker for no evolutionary reason. The technical answer is that the skin of the penis has more of the pigment melanin than other skin.

Why is the penis darker in color than the body'?

The penis is darker for no evolutionary reason. The technical answer is that the skin of the penis has more of the pigment melanin than other skin.

How long does an arch bridge span?

My penis long

What job does the underside of the skin do?

its a penis

What is uncut cork in terms of penis?

a male penis of has a skin that cover the penis head, that extra 'hood' skin is cut during circumcision, the penis is referred to as 'cut' if not circumcised then its called 'uncut'

What is the piece of skin connecting the penis head to the shaft?

The piece of skin that connects the penis head to the shaft is called the frenulum.

What type of skin do guinea pigs have?

The skin that's found on your penis

Is an uncircumcised penis smaller than a circumcised one?

No, circumcision has no effect of penis size. Circumcision is a surgery that cuts off part of the skin of the penis, known as the foreskin. This does not affect the size of the penis. The size of the penis is determined by the main erectile chambers inside the penis, not by the amount of skin.

Small warts of tiny extra skin growing under the penis head on the crumble penis skin?

Go see a doctor ASAP.

What is the extra skin around your penis for?

The extra skin is there to protect the head of the penis and it gives the penis more senstivity while having intercouse or oral sex it's always more pleasurable.

How do you know a male circumcised?

The male that has fallen victim to circumcision has no skin on his penis that can cover the glans at the top. The male with an intact penis will have a tube of skin that covers the glans penis, particularly when it is not erect.

Is the outer skin of the penis fixed?

When males are born, there's excess skin on penis, which is why some doctors will recommend circumcision; the removal of excess skin on penis. An uncircumcised man will have the penis head concealed beneath the skin when he's aroused. This restricts the semen from shooting deeper when he ejaculates during coitus. If he has a low sperm count, the excess skin makes it more difficult to produce children.

Are there more people with forskin than regular penis skin?

Foreskin is regular penis skin. Penises that lack foreskin have been surgically altered.

If the skin on the head of your penis is pealing is that good?

If the skin on the head of your penis is peeling, you need to see your doctor to figure out what it is. They will be able to help you cure what is wrong.

Does having no foreskin make your penis smaller?

No. The size of the penis when erect is determined by the size of the main erectile chambers of the penis, the corpus cavernosum, not by the skin of the penis.

The skin around your penis is thicker than normal?

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Is olive oil good for penis?

it foods the skin.