What is a Pikmin?

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A Pikmin is a little creature that comes in different colors. Each color of Pikmin has different abilities:

  • Red Pikmin are immune to fire and have higher attack power than the other Pikmin, excluding purple Pikmin. The distinct characteristic in red Pikmin is their nose. Red Pikmin are the first Pikmin that you find in the game.
  • Yellow Pikmin are light and can be thrown higher than other Pikmin. They are also immune to electricity in Pikmin 2, and can carry bombs in Pikmin. The distinct characteristic in yellow Pikmin is their ears.
  • Blue Pikmin can breath underwater. They can also rescue nearby drowning Pikmin. The distinct characteristic in blue pikmin is their mouth.
  • Purple Pikmin are ten times heavier and stronger than other Pikmin, so they count as ten Pikmin when lifting or deflating an object. They can also stun large enemies they are thrown onto, or even instantly kill smaller ones.
  • White Pikmin are smaller and quicker than other Pikmin, and can see buried treasure with their huge, red, beady eyes. White Pikmin are also immune to poison, and will poison any creature that eats them.

Captain Olimar crashes onto the "Distant Planet" and stumbles upon these creatures, and the Pikmin are willing to obey his commands.Pikmin can reproduce by converting food and fallen foes into more Pikmin. They are preyed upon by night creatures, however, and must be returned safely before night comes. Red, blue, and yellow Pikmin sleep in a flying device called an "Onion" (It looks like an onion with 3 legs) that they can be protected in. Purple and White Pikmin sleep in the ship, and are only created when other colors of Pikmin are thrown into underground Candypop flowers of their color.

It is explained that Olimar, while cruising through space, is eating his favorite soup with red, blue, and yellow onions and "pikpik carrots." There is no way of knowing if this is related to the Pikmin; however, Olimar names them after his beloved carrots.

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Q: What is a Pikmin?
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Is there a Pikmin glitch that gives you more Pikmin?

No there is not a Pikmin that will give you more or additional Pikmin.

How do you get flying Pikmin in Pikmin 2?

Flying Pikmin are not present in Pikmin 2, but can be briefly seen in the trailer for Pikmin 3. Exciting!

Is there white pikmin in pikmin 1?

No. White Pikmin made their first appearance in Pikmin 2.

How do you get Pikmin in Pikmin?

Pikmin are obtained by bringing back enemies or pellets to the Onions of the Pikmin. The Onions will then produce Pikmin sprouts, and as soon as they are plucked from the ground, they will be ready to fight.

How do you sleep in pikmin 1?

In Pikmin for the wii you need have a group of pikmin by you then press 1 and the pikmin will carry you back to their onion.

How do you get the purple pikmin in pikmin 1?

If you mean the Mushroom Pikmin, then you have to perform a glitch.

What is the green pikmin's power in pikmin 3?

There are no green pikmin in Pikmin 3

How do you get Mushroom Pikmin in Pikmin?

To get Mushroom Pikmin, go to the Puffstool in the Forest Navel and let it spore your Pikmin. They will become Mushroom Pikmin. Mushroom Pikmin will try to kill Olimar, and other Pikmin will try to kill them, and they will eventually perish on their own from the spores, decreasing your overall Pikmin number. Mushroom Pikmin go back to normal if they are put in an Onion, the Puffstool dies, or Olimar shakes them off.

What Mushroom Pikmin glitches are in Pikmin?

There are two main Mushroom Pikmin glitches:If Pikmin happen to be knocked down as soon as the Puffstool's spores hit them, they will turn into Mushroom Pikmin but will still attack the Puffstool. They cannot be called back and may turn into regular Mushroom Pikmin.If you can call Pikmin the exact moment when they are hit with the Puffstool's spores, they will turn into Mushroom Pikmin but will be completely under your control. These Pikmin will still attack normal Pikmin.

Are there pikmin of colors other than 5?

If you are talking about pikmin 1 then there is the infected pikmin.

What are the best types of Pikmin?

Red, yellow and blue Pikmin are the best types of Pikmin.

Does Pikmin 2 have better graphics than Pikmin?

Yes. The graphics in Pikmin 2 improved noticeably over those in the original Pikmin.

Can blue Pikmin help other Pikmin cross water in Pikmin 2?

Yes. Blue Pikmin can serve as lifeguards and, when they are idle or thrown, toss drowning Pikmin onto dry land.

Do Pikmin die in Pikmin 2?

Yes. Pikmin can be killed in the following ways:Burning (except red Pikmin and Bulbmin)Drowning (except blue Pikmin and Bulbmin)Electrocution (except yellow Pikmin and Bulbmin)Poisoning (Except white Pikmin and Bulbmin)Being crushed by enemies' attacks or falling rocksBeing eatenBeing thrown by an explosionFalling off the side of a cave sublevelBeing left behind at the end of a dayIt's important to keep Pikmin out of the way of all of these hazards!and if you played pikmin 1 and your pikmin died then its obvious that the pikmin in pikmin 2 can.

Is there going to be pikmin 4?

No, there will not be a pikmin 4

What will happen if you do not survive in pikmin?

You become a Pikmin

How do you kill goolix in pikmin?

blue pikmin

When did Pikmin happen?

Pikmin happened in 2001.

How many Pikmin can you have in the field at a time in Pikmin?

Up to 100 Pikmin can be outside at a time. This includes wild Pikmin of colors you haven't discovered yet.

What are the Pikmin's powers?

Pikmin:Red Pikmin: Increased attack strength, immunity to fireYellow Pikmin: Increased throwing strength, can carry bomb rocksBlue Pikmin: Can breathe underwaterPikmin 2:Red Pikmin: Increased attack strength, immunity to fireYellow Pikmin: Increased throwing strength, immunity to electricityBlue Pikmin: Can breathe underwaterPurple Pikmin: 10 times the strength of other Pikmin, will stun enemies upon impactWhite Pikmin: Increased speed, immunity to poison, will damage enemies if eaten, can sense and unearth hidden objectsPikmin 3:Red Pikmin: Increased attack strength, immunity to fireYellow Pikmin: Increased throwing strength, immunity to electricity, can conduct electricity, increased digging speedBlue Pikmin: Can breathe underwaterRock Pikmin: Immunity to crushing, increased damage when thrown, can break crystalWinged Pikmin: FlightPikmin 3 (Mission Mode and Bingo Battle only):Purple Pikmin: 10 times the strength of other PikminWhite Pikmin: Increased speed, will damage enemies if eaten

What are Mushroom Pikmin?

Mushroom Pikmin are Pikmin that have been transformed by the spores of a creature called a Puffstool. Affected Pikmin turn purple and try to attack Olimar and normal Pikmin. This effect wears off after a while.

What games are Pikmin in?

Besides the main Pikmin games, Pikmin and elements of Pikmin have appeared in other games:Super Smash Bros. Brawl had trophies of Captain Olimar, Pikmin, and several Pikmin enemies.Super Smash Bros. Melee had trophies of Captain Olimar and Pikmin.In Super Mario Galaxy, a space ship appeared that resembled the ship from Pikmin 2.Pikmin-themed items were available for download in Animal Crossing: City Folk.Pikmin can be seen running in flowers in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.

How do you kill a Pikmin?

In Pikmin, your goal is not to kill the Pikmin. However, most enemies can kill pikmin in their own way (stepping on them, eating them, throwing bombs on them, etc.).

How do you get Pikmin to carry you in Pikmin for Gamecube?

lie down by pushing down on the d-pad with Pikmin near you.

What are the types of Pikmin?

As of Pikmin 2, there are only 5 types of Pikmin: red, blue, yellow, purple, and white. In the original Pikmin, only red, blue, and yellow Pikmin exist. In Pikmin 2, purple and white Pikmin were added to the fray (in addition to the previous three).Here are the Pikmin types:Red Pikmin: The second-strongest Pikmin. They are immune to fire and you start out with them. They are good fighting Pikmin, and you can create more quite easily. They are distinct because of their nose. You begin the game with this type of Pikmin.Blue Pikmin: The water-resistant Pikmin. They are really of no use other than if water is an obstacle. They can also serve as lifesuards and throw other kinds fo Pikmin out of the water. You find them in the Perplexing Pool behind an electric gate. They are distinct because of their mouth.Yellow Pikmin: The electric-resistant Pikmin. They fly high and far, and can reach far and high places easily. Use them for getting treasure in hard to reach places. In the original Pikmin, yellow Pikmin could handle bomb rocks. They are distinct because of their ears.White Pikmin: The poison-resistant Pikmin. They are the smallest and the fastest of the five Pikmin types, and can find buried treasure. They are highly poisonous, and will damage any creature that eats them. They are distinct because of their small stature and beady red eyes.Purple Pikmin: The burly Pikmin. They are so heavy that they stun enemies when they land on them, and count as ten Pikmin when carrying objects. Because of their mass, they are the slowest of Pikmin.The following are technically not Pikmin, but are very similar:Mushroom Pikmin: While they were never given an official name, these appear in the original Pikmin. An enemy called a Puffstool can release spores that turn Pikmin purplish and zombie-like. Mushroom Pikmin attack Olimar, and revert back to regular Pikmin after a certain amount of time.Bulbmin: These can only be found and used in caves in Pikmin 2. Bulbmin are Bulborbs whose minds were taken over by a parasitic species of Pikmin, and thus look like small Bulborbs with leaves sticking out of their heads. They are resistant to fire, water, electricity, and poison, making them very versatile. They cannot be taken with you outside the caves, however. Once you exit, they will stay inside the caves.These are currently the only types of Pikmin. Nintendo has not said that there will be new Pikmin types added to Pikmin 3, but most have agreed that new colors of Pikmin will be made. In the "happy ending" presented in the first Pikmin game, multiple colors of Onions are shown. The Pikmin creators have said they have known what the basic outline of Pikmin 3 will be like since Pikmin one, and thus, it makes sense that the other Onions will be those of new Pikmin in Pikmin 3. They are presumably the next Pikmin colors, but there has been no confirmation.A video with the multiple colored Onions is shown in the related links below.