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What is a Pikmin?

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A Pikmin is a little creature that comes in different colors.

Each color of Pikmin has different abilities:

  • Red Pikmin are immune to fire and have higher attack power than

    the other Pikmin, excluding purple Pikmin. The distinct

    characteristic in red Pikmin is their nose. Red Pikmin are the

    first Pikmin that you find in the game.

  • Yellow Pikmin are light and can be thrown higher than other

    Pikmin. They are also immune to electricity in Pikmin 2, and can

    carry bombs in Pikmin. The distinct characteristic in yellow Pikmin

    is their ears.

  • Blue Pikmin can breath underwater. They can also rescue nearby

    drowning Pikmin. The distinct characteristic in blue pikmin is

    their mouth.

  • Purple Pikmin are ten times heavier and stronger than other

    Pikmin, so they count as ten Pikmin when lifting or deflating an

    object. They can also stun large enemies they are thrown onto, or

    even instantly kill smaller ones.

  • White Pikmin are smaller and quicker than other Pikmin, and can

    see buried treasure with their huge, red, beady eyes. White Pikmin

    are also immune to poison, and will poison any creature that eats


Captain Olimar crashes onto the "Distant Planet" and stumbles

upon these creatures, and the Pikmin are willing to obey his

commands.Pikmin can reproduce by converting food and fallen foes

into more Pikmin. They are preyed upon by night creatures, however,

and must be returned safely before night comes. Red, blue, and

yellow Pikmin sleep in a flying device called an "Onion" (It looks

like an onion with 3 legs) that they can be protected in. Purple

and White Pikmin sleep in the ship, and are only created when other

colors of Pikmin are thrown into underground Candypop flowers of

their color.

It is explained that Olimar, while cruising through space, is

eating his favorite soup with red, blue, and yellow onions and

"pikpik carrots." There is no way of knowing if this is related to

the Pikmin; however, Olimar names them after his beloved


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