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If this is listed in a college handbook, Pre-elementary education usually refers to the program before you are admitted into the education program. Similar to a pre-med program. Some schools have education majors in a pre-education program their first two years of college.

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2010-03-25 00:08:53
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Q: What is a Pre- Elementary education?
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What is pre-elementary education?

field of study in elementary.

What is Barack Obama going to do for schools?

allow more and better pre-school education, better elementary and highschool education also.

What is the difference between early childhood education and elementary education?

Typically early childhood education is from pre-K through fourth grade, and elementry education is fourth through eighth grade.

What college majors are related to a prescool teacher career?

Elementary Education, along with a certification in pre-kindergarten education or Child Development Of course, this will differ between states and universities.

What come first elementary algebra or pre algebra?

Elementary algebra

What are the thesis title for elementary education in the philippines?

A good thesis title for elementary education in the Philippines is Innovations in Basic Education.

What is the Spanish word for junior high?

The three levels of pre-college education are: elementary = primaria; junior high = secundria; and high school = preparatoria.

What is the other term of elementary education?

Syllabus, studies, or curriculum. Those words mean elementary education.

What is another term for elementary education?

primary education

What has the author Harold Kenneth Goldback written?

Harold Kenneth Goldback has written: 'The problem of determination and study of guidance factors at Laurelhurst Elementary School' -- subject- s -: Counseling in elementary education, Education, Elementary, Elementary Education, Laurelhurst Elementary School - Seattle, Wash. -

Timeline Pre-Colonial to Present Philippine Education?

During the Pre-Colonial Philippine education period children would start 6 years of elementary education at the age of 6,and straight off into high school at age 12 for 4 years. Now days education in the Philippines is still very extensive but education does not start as early and children are not in school as long periods.

What has the author Johnathan Murray Lee written?

Johnathan Murray Lee has written: 'Testing practices of high-school teachers' -- subject(s): Educational tests and measurements, High schools 'The child and his curriculum' -- subject(s): Child psychology, Child study, Curricula, Education, Education, Elementary, Elementary Education, Teaching 'Elementary education today and tomorrow' -- subject(s): Education, Elementary, Elementary Education

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