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A preamplifier (preamp) is an electronic amplifier which precedes another amplifier to prepare an electronic signal for further amplification or processing. Description In general, the function of a preamp is to amplify a low level signal (possibly at high impedance) to line-level. A list of common sources would include a pickup, microphone, turntable or other transducer. Equalization and tone control may also be applied. In a home audio system, the term 'preamplifier' may sometimes be used to describe equipment which merely switches between different line level sources and applies a volume control, so that no actual amplification may be involved. In an audio system the second amplifier is typically a power amplifier (power amp). The preamplifier provides voltage gain (about: 10millivolts to 1volt) but no significant current gain. The power amplifier provides the higher current necessary to drive loudspeakers. Preamplifiers may be: •incorporated into the housing or chassis of the amplifier they feed

•in a separate housing

•mounted in other pieces of equipment, such as turntables, microphones and electric basses.

•close to the signal source, remote from the next amplifier -- eg: beside hi-fi system, then feeding into a computer in the home office. Examples •the integrated preamplifier in a foil electret microphone.

•the first stages of an instrument amplifier.

•a stand-alone unit for use in live music and recording studio applications.

•as part of a stand-alone channel strip or channel strip built into an audio mixing desk.

•a masthead amplifier used with television receiver antenna or a satellite receiver dish.

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Q: What is a Preamp?
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How do you test the output of an acoustic guitar preamp?

To test the output of an acoustic guitar preamp you may use output tubes to test. This will test the preamp voltage.

What is the device used to improve signal-to-noise ratio called?

A preamp A preamp.

How do you connect your art tube mp studio mic preamp to your laptop and if i have a preamp do i need a mixer too for my home studio?

Yes it is just a preamp you need an audio interface that will connect the preamp to the audio interface into the computer and obviously a Mic in front of it

How do you rebuild a 1985 Corvette preamp?


What does the word components mean?

Components are parts of a whole. For instance, a preamp is a stereo component, and a stereo consists of a turntable, a preamp, an amp, and speakers.

What is the function of a microphone preamplifier?

A microphone preamp is a preamplifier used to amplify a microphone's low output voltage to a stronger, more usable level. A microphone preamp must provide stable gain for small signals without being sensitive to induced noise from cabling and without distorting large amplitude signals.[1] Most microphones must be used in conjunction with a microphone preamp to function properly. The microphone preamp has been called mike preamp and mic preamp; this has been shortened further to mic pre and, in settings where a distinction is not necessary, simply pre.

What preamp does Dave Murray use?

a marshall

A ford explorer preamp has how many watts?

NO preamp has wattage or a wattage rating. The only wattage involved in a sound system comes from the POWER amp

Can you plug your guitar AND your mic into your microphone preamp?


This radio has 2 preamp outputs front and the other is selectable as rear or subwoofer output. ?

This radio has 2 preamp outputs front and the other is selectable as rear or subwoofer output.

Can I use a preamp into a speaker?

You need a power amplifier in between.

On a peavey 5150 original there is a knob inside the amp to the left of the tubes What does it do?

it could be to bias the tubes, depends if the knop is in the preamp or poweramp sections (you dont need to bias preamp tubes)

Can you connect an audio tape deck though a crt tv without a preamp?

If the tv has audio inputs it can be done. A preamp is needed only if you want to plug a mic. into a LINE IN connector.

What do guitar preamps do?

A guitar preamp is basically a guitar amplifier, but without the power amplifier section that drives the speaker. A typical guitar amplifier consists of two components: the preamp and the power amp. The preamp is responsible for generating most of the characteristics of the guitar tone. The power amp receives the output signal from the preamp, then raises it's level enough to drive a speaker so the guitar becomes audible. Physically, a guitar preamp can be an independent rack-mountable unit, a digital device (such as a Line6 POD), a floor pedal, or even circuitry inside the guitar itself.

How do you balance surround sound speakers?

Usually you wouldn't need to but if you wanted to offset it from balanced or if your connection has a stronger signal in one channel than the other you can connect a preamp or an amplifier with balance control and audio inputs as well as out puts to the system. You would connect the wires going in to the surround system into the input of the preamp and then connect the output of the preamp into the input of the surround system. CAUTION do not turn the preamp volume up to high or you risk blowing the surround system.

Could a phono drive be used as an amplifier for a mixing desk?

It's not clear what you mean by "phono drive". If you are asking about using a phono preamp as a microphone or instrument preamp and sending the output of the preamp to the mixer, you will find that the phono preamp has two problems:First, it does not have anything close to flat frequency response. Phono preamps are designed with a strong equalization curve, which compensates for the EQ that is used when high-fidelity recordings are mastered. You will get lots of bass and no highs if you try to run a mic or instrument signal through a phono preamp.Second, you may find that it does not have a lot of headroom. A phono preamp is sensitive and a microphone or instrument could drive it into saturation.For the same reasons, you certainly cannot use a phono preamp as a line-level amplifier in a mixer.If you happen to be asking if you can use a Mod Squad or McCormack Phono Drive as a preamp for a turntable and run the output of the Phono Drive (as line level) into a DJ mixing desk, then the answer is yes, that should work quite nicely (even though the Phono Drive is, in my opinion, an absurdly overpriced piece of gear).

Do I need a preamp for good subwoofer sound and clarity?

No, a preamp is not always necessary for subwoofer sound. You will, however, always need some form of "crossover" to ensure that you only send bass frequencies to your subwoofer.

How do you connect a stereo RCA phono cable from your turntable to a 3.5 mm line in can this even be done?

A 3.5 mm input is a line level signal, and a turntable has a phono level signal. You can connect these, but you will need a phono preamp to go in between the two. An RCA cable plugs into to the preamp from the turntable, and an RCA to 3.5mm cable connects the preamp to the stereo.

What does a pre amp do for a cb radio?

A preamp intensifies the signal being received.

Can you use a preamp as an amp head?

yeah but ur gone need a power amp too

Can the western electric 205d tube be used as a preamp or input tube?

I checked the spec sheet for this tube, and it's good for two basic circuits: low-level amplifiers and oscillators. So yes, it would be fine as a preamp tube or an input tube.

Can a guitar amp be used to connect a preamp to passive speakers?

I would not advise this, because of the difference of impedence.

How do you record voice from ahuja SSA-250m amp?

Connect your recording device to the preamp output on the back.

What is the amp for a microphone?

That is a microphone preamplifier. Scroll down to related links and look at "How to Make Sense out of the Mic Preamp Jungle".

Can you use an ibanez SST preamp on a washburn guitar?

Why not ? It' s not specific for Ibanez. It is not even made by Ibanez but by Fishman who are making these preamps for all brands, may they be Martin or Washburn or Crafter, etc. BUT if you had a preamp in your Washburn before that is broke you should replace it by the exact same product in order to use the old footprint of the unit.