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Printhead and cartridge are two different things. but for some printers, the printhead is part of the cartridge.

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Q: What is a Printhead Cartridge?
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What is a printhead?

Printhead and cartridge are two different things. but for some printers, the printhead is part of the cartridge.

Where can one purchase inkjet printheads?

The inkjet printhead is the part of the printer which the cartridge clips into. These rarely need replacing but if one does require them, they can be purchased from the manufacturer.

Where can one find a Canon Printhead?

You can find a printhead for Canon printers online at websites like Amazon or other retailers.

What is the printhead responsible for on a printer?

A print head is a movable part in the printer where you place your ink cartridges. Sometimes is confused with the cartridges. The print head is no cartridge but the printer compartment where you place your ink so it can apply the ink onto the paper.

What do you do when your hp photosmart plus does not print red?

There are usually two reasons: the red ink nozzle is blocked, try cleaning the printhead. Or the red ink has run out! I don't know the cartridge layout of your printer, so I suggest going on the maker's website for instructions.

What is the cost of printhead for canon pixma ip1000?

US$60.63 from wercan

What is is printer error B200?

VH Monitor error for Canon printers. Related to printhead. Usually resolved by replacing printhead, however, problem could also be caused by bad Carriage or Main Board.

How do you clean the printhead on your aculaser C1100?

Try a Q-Tip with rubbing alcohol.

What is the printhead for a canon mx860?

you can try to find you want in wercan online shop

How many pins are on a high-quality printhead of dot matrix printer?

9 or 24

What type of ink does the Lexmark 1200 take?

The Lexmark 1200 takes a black cartridge and a color cartridge. The black cartridge that the Lexmark 1200 uses is or 16 and 17 cartridge, with the 17 cartridge being the moderate use cartridge. The color cartridge required by the printer is the 26 or 27 cartridge, with the 27 cartridge being a moderate use cartridge as well.

What is the Hindi word for cartridge?


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