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It will depend greatly if buying or selling, however more info is needed as if in box new (NIB), and if it has been handled or carried around as in hunting!

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2006-04-13 04:38:16
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Q: What is a Remington 7600 ADF buck-master 30.06 that has never been fired worth?
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What is a Remington 514 worth if it is in perfect condition and never fired?

$150-$200, more if you have the original box and papers.

What is value of Remington 11-87 ducks unlimited edition never fired?

Don't fire it. It's worth $1700-$1900 unfired 100%. If you fire it, it's worth $800-1200.

What is a 1966 Remington model 870 12 gauge shotgun 30 inch barrel full choke still in original box never fired worth?


How much is a buckmaster bow worth?

250 used

Like new Remington 870 Wingmaster in 28 gauge Vent rib locking model Never been fired to your knowledge What is this gun worth?

300-400 USD

How much is a pse buckmaster bow worth?

A 2002 used Buckmaster bow in good shape, should sell for under $100.

How much is a 150th anniversary edition 12 gauge Wingmaster 870 never been fired 3 shot Remington pump shotgun worth?

Perfect condition? In the box? $500-600. Without $400-500.

What is a beautiful never fired Marlin 22 lever action bought in the 60's worth now?

If you can PROOVE that it's never been fired...about $600-800

What is a 22 H R 22 revolver never fired worth?

200 USD

What is a Remington Model 10 serial 94091 worth in fair condition?

At best you will get $225 Unfortunatly, they are not a highly collectable as ou would think considering age. I sold one of my which was never fired and in 98 percent fo $490 to a collector and that was hard to get for it.

What is a Remington 66 brown 22 worth?

what is a Remington 22 nylon66 long rifle worth

How much is a Remington model 700 bdl 7mm-08 caliber centerfire worth?

how much is Remington model 700 worth how much is a Remington model 760 worth

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