What is a Rough rider?

look then up! about 3,000 men applied for this job to train and fight on horses in the Spanish american war they took the best thousand and trained for 3-4 months then there was a ship that was going to come get them and take them to the battle field but the boat could only carry 300 people and couldn't carry there horses so 700 of the hard working men were left behind there leader this is what i wrote about roosevelt there leader you can skip it if you just want to know avbout the rough riders but heres some back story (: no never mind i have to get back to my home work no just help you with yours (:Born premature and always sick as a young child yet, Graduated from a very high class collage came teddy Roosevelt his job was the secretary of the navy, a safe job that most people wouldn't give up yet there he was he came to the rescue to help those rough riders and gave up his job, many signed up to be a rough rider 1,000 and he took the best of them left with 560 men ready to fight for there country they trained for about 4 months on horse back as they get ready to get on the ship there is only 420 men can fight and there horses wont fit in the ship. When they arrive they are surprise attacked by a bunch of Spaniards only 8 died there and 37 were injured as they keep moving they get to the San Juan Hill there is a crowd all ready fighting Roosevelt waved and said "let them through" and then as he proudly rode his horse forward and a mob like crowd followed him (the rough riders without horses) a bullet grazed his elbow but that was it as the bullets flew no more hit him. After many more were injured they had won and he after president McKinley was assassinated he left his job as a Vis. President and became the 26th president of the United States. I think he was a hero… do you?