What is a Rubber Inner Tube?

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October 17, 2017 12:08PM

Before modern tires, automotive tires used a different method for holding the air pressure inside a tire. The inner tube is a piece of rubber shaped like the inside of the tire. The tube has a stem and valve into which air can be pumped. The inner tube is placed inside the tire, the tire is fitted onto the vehicle rim, the stem is pulled through the hole in the vehicle rim then compressed air is forced into the inner tube. That method was used for many years and is still used in bicycle and most motorcycle tires. Today, truck, automobile and many motorcycle tires are "tubeless", meaning that the tire uses a thin coating of sealant material on the inside of the tire surface. The tire seals against the rim, which is designed to fit tight against the tubeless tire.
An inner tube is the tube inside a protective outer tire that is generally used to hold air and keep the entire tire inflated to a proper level. They are very fragile in many cases and therefore need some sort of outer protection in order not to become easily punctured. If one does become damaged, it may be possible to repair the inner tube with an inexpensive patch. Also get mor information in detail at Tyreonwheels