What is a Saint?

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== == == == In the New Testament you will notice the wording that the apostle is writing a letter to the saints. That was the terminology to indicate that a person had joined the church and was separated from the other people. So, a saint is a member of the church of Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is an example of church that does not accept that a saint is a person who achieved God-like status in which one should pray to that person and get blessing from them. They consider their members saints, in the sense that they are separate from the world.

First, the designation of "saint" is one bestowed by the Catholic church. This is done when a person is of extrordinary virtue in their daily living/working life. This is accompanied by a remarkable faith in and relationship with God. The status "saint" is always determined and given posthumously. It might be said that these folks seem to be closer to what the Catholic christian should always be striving for in terms of humility, obedience to God's will, tireless in pursuit of worthy work and often a need to be determined in the face of adversity. Certainly these aren't the only requirements. However, there is more than one answer to your question. This is just one. Numerous Bible translations refer to the "righteous" or "holy ones" as "saints." By that definition, anyone who is righteous under the law (which is no one, according to Romans) or who is made righteous by accepting the sacrifice of Jesus is a "saint." ==Saints== Many denominations use this term in a generic way to describe everyone in a church's membership. A true Saint is one who has achieved the elevated state of God-Realization. In some circles, God-realization may be the definition of sainthood, but I doubt that that is the common definition.

The quaifications of a saint would be someone who is so virtuous and lives so differently than even his contemporary believers that that person's sins aren't really that noticeable, so much so that they can become holy in some people's eyes, such as Mary, mother of God, though she wasn't, as only her Son was, thanks in full to His deity.

As to the God-realization part, anyone who has really examined nature or the history of man or is truly experienced with the inner workings of life and creation can tell you that there is a God. I would imagine that occultist leaders knew in the past and know now about God and that He really exists, but they were not then nor are they now saints, nor should they be considered as such.

Additional:- The traditional use of the term saint is used in religious traditions to refer to one who is holy or revered. It is referred to in the bible as one who is sanctified. Typically, even in orthodox Christianity, Saints were depicted in their iconography as having halos around their heads, the symbology of which is easily understood by mystics and yogis around the globe.

Although the typical western usage of the term saint refers to any individual who might be regarded as Holy, Consecrated, Revered or of having a high religious or spiritual rank is a correct one from the point of view of Westernized thought I would argue that this word is wrongly used in western society in general because the true essence of Sainthood and how it might be brought about is little understood.

From an Etymological perspective the word Saint comes from the Latin word Sanctus which meant ''Holy''.
Someone cannonized by the Church A saint is someone who is formally recognized as holy or virtuous after death.

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Q: What is a Saint?
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