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What is a Scotch egg?

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hard boiled egg covered in sausage

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What is the function of eggs in scotch eggs?

To justify the word 'egg' in the name 'scotch egg'.

What is in the middle of a Scotch Egg?

a hard boiled egg.

What is a scotch egg made up of?

egg and sausage covered in crumbs

What is served with a scotch egg?

honey mustard

How much fat is in a scotch egg?


Who invented the Scotch egg?

It is said that the Scotch egg was created in a shop called Fortnum & Mason's in London in 1738. Some say that is was actually inspired by a Moghul dish known as Narcissus meatballs. The earliest known printed recipe for the Scotch egg is from 1809.

Where are the scotch eggs traditionally from?

this song tells u all the knowhow of scotch eggs when and where it was made

A hard boiled egg coated in sausage and fried has what nationalistic name?

Scotch egg

How do they put a egg in a scotch egg?

Boil the egg and wrap the sausage mix around it. flour, egg, & bread it. Deep fry it.

Why are scotch eggs called scotch eggs?

Because originally it was scotch beef used to wrap around the egg. It was a creation of the English firm, Fortnum and Masons in 1851.

what is a hard boiled egg coated with a sausage meat and bread crumbs called?

a scotch egg

What can I make with 5 apples and an egg?

With 5 apples and an egg you can make Scotch egg with apple

What is the name of breaded sausage-meat snack?

Scotch Egg

Can you mixed Scotch whiskey with Egg Nog?

It is one of the basic ingredients

What was invented in London in 1851 by a shop called fortnum and masons?

scotch egg,

What is scotch in a sentence?

In ancient time Scottish people were called Scotchs. It is no surprise now.

How routine care given to heart attack can affect the body system?

scotch egg

Where did the word Scotch originate?

Scotch was the word originally applied to all things Scottish including people as well as food products. It was used widely in the 18th century deriving from the Anglicisation of Scottish and was used by Burns and later Sir Walter Scott. Scots or Scottish has now taken over for this leaving Scotch as only applying to Whisky specifically and other food items (Scotch egg, Scotch pancake, Scotch broth etc). In some parts of the world Scotch Whisky as opposed to Irish Whiskey has been shortened to just Scotch.

What is a food that contains boiled egg?

A Scotch egg. Which is a whole boiled egg, surrounded with sausage meat and then bread crumbs Egg salad, chicken or tuna salad. Some green salads like Cobb salad.

What is a scotch neat?

Scotch neat is a scotch with no ice.

What is the difference between a scotch and a double scotch?

A double scotch is two measures of scotch or any other spirit as sold in a bar or pub. If for example a standard measure of scotch is 25ml, then a double scotch is 50ml.

What are the differences between Scotch and whiskey?

Scotch is a variety of whisky but all whiskies are not Scotch.

Which has more calories wine or scotch?


What is scotch with no ice called?

straight scotch

Does the liquor scotch have caffeine in it?

No, there is no caffeine in scotch.