What is a Scottish Gaelic font?

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Scots Gaelic can be printed in a variety of fonts. It is a modern language in that it is constantly evolving and being updated, so there is no need for it to be printed in a fancy "uncial" type font, which can be quite difficult to read.
For printing Gaelic for a formal occasion, for example, a Burns Supper, I would suggest the beautiful font P22 Hoy Regular, which strikes a nice balance between an old-fashioned "Celtic" type font and modern legibility. Its name comes from the Orkney Islands, and it has some half-uncial features.
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How close is Irish Gaelic to Scottish Gaelic?

Both Scottish Gaelic and Manx Gaelic had their origins in Irish Gaelic. Irish Gaelic speakers settled in what is now Argyll at some point in the period 300-600 AD. As a

What is the Scottish Gaelic for how are you?

As in French, there is an informal and formal manner of asking that question: Ciamar a tha thu? (kemmer a ha oo) familiar Ciamar a tha sibh? (kemmer a ha shiv) plural/p

What is the Scottish Gaelic for 'to'?

Depending of the context it can be variously gu/do/chun. You need to see it in a complete sentence to determine the appropriate word.
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What is Scottish Gaelic?

Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) is a Celtic language native to Scotland.It is a member of the Goidelic branch of the Celtic languages. Itis ultimately descended from Old Irish.