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What is a Single Label domain name and what sort of issues can it cause?

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Single-label names consist of a single word like "contoso".

• Single-label DNS names cannot be registered by using an internet registrar.

• Client computers and domain controllers that joined to single-label domains require additional configuration to dynamically register DNS records in single-label DNS zones. • Client computers and domain controllers may require additional configuration to resolve DNS queries in single-label DNS zones.

• By default, Windows Server 2003-based domain members, Windows XP-based domain members, and Windows 2000-based domain members do not perform dynamic updates to single-label DNS zones.

• Some server-based applications are incompatible with single-label domain names. Application support may not exist in the initial release of an application, or support may be dropped in a future release. For example, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is not supported in environments in which single-label DNS is used.

• Some server-based applications are incompatible with the domain rename feature that is supported in Windows Server 2003 domain controllers and in Windows Server 2008 domain controllers. These incompatibilities either block or complicate the use of the domain rename feature when you try to rename a single-label DNS name to a fully qualified domain name.

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