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What is a Sioux chief or sous-chef?

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A Sioux chief would be the leader of a tribe among the many tribes of the great Sioux nation. There was many chiefs among the Sioux nations across North America.

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Did the Sioux have a chief?

The Sioux did have a chief. Chief Red Cloud was a well known chief. He was a great leader and was known to be very brave.

Why was chief little crow famous?

for being chief of the sioux tribe .

Who was chief of the Sioux Nation?

Red Cloud

Who is the leader of Sioux tribe?

chief gall

Lakota Sioux chief killed at Wounded Knee?

Chief Sitting Bull

Which Oglala Sioux chief is said to be the only Indian ever to win a war against the US government?

The Oglala Sioux chief was named "Oliver Closeoff" .

Sitting bull was the chief of what Native American nation?

The Sioux.don't use the word Sioux it called the lakota! and whats the name of his family today?Yes, I have heard of the Lakota.... so what is wrong in the Sioux answer ?Sitting bull was a red Indian chief of the Sioux clan.

What are the Esperanto words for chef and souschef?

The words are cxefkuiristo and subkuiristo.

Who led the Sioux in war after the federal government allowed miners in Sioux reservation?

chief sitting bull

What are the important people of the Sioux tribe?

Chief-Government-the people

What are the release dates for Sitting Bull The Hostile Sioux Indian Chief - 1914?

Sitting Bull The Hostile Sioux Indian Chief - 1914 was released on: USA: January 1914

Who was the Lakota Sioux leader and war chief who lured an army detachment into an ambush in Wyoming?

Chief Joseph

Sitting bull was a chief of which native American nation?

the sioux tribe

Sioux chief who fought at little big horn?

Crazy Horse.

Chief who led the Dakota Sioux uprising in minnesota?

Little Crow

What tribe had Sitting Bull as it's Chief?

The Sioux tribe :P

Who is the famous Sioux chief?

Sitting Bull, Morning Star, Spotted Tail, Crazy Horse were all chiefs of various Sioux tribes.

Leader of the Sioux during wars of 1876-1877?

Chief Joseph

Who was the chief of the Sioux Indians that won the battle of Little Bighorn?

sitting bull

What did the Sioux Indians invent?

Chief Kyle Stockton invented the game of football

What tribe was Chief Sitting Bull from?

Sitting Bull was apart of the Sioux Tribe.

What were sitting bull accomplishments?

He became supreme chief of the whole Sioux nation

What is the name of the Sioux chief that led warriors to Rosebud River?

Crazy Horse

Chief Sitting Bull was a member of what native American tribe?


How did Crazy Horse chief of the Sioux tribe get his Nickname?

because he hair had curly