What is a Stevens 22 410?

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A Stevens 22 410 is a firearm. I believe Stevens is the economy brand name used by Savage Arms. 22 refers to a .22 caliber rifle and 410 refers to a small shotgun guage. The 22 410 features one barrel over the other in a single weapon (I'm not sure which is on top and which underneath) and the user can choose which one to fire, depending on what is appropriate for the target. The Stevens 22-410 was introduced by the Stevens Arms Co. in 1920 and was produced by that model name until 1950 when it was altered and renamed. It encorporates a .22 rimfire rifle barrel over a .410 gauge shotgun barrel oringinally set in a sythetic stock. Savage still makes this gun, in your choice of several rifle calibers, and 20 or 12 gauge. The current model, the 24-F, has a synthetic stock. The earlier models all had wood stocks. It's a poor man's "drilling" you might say..a name given to expensive German combination guns. It works, but they're a little on the heavy side, in my opinion.

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Savage bought Stevens in 1920 but the Model 22-410 was not introduced until 1938 or 1939 (depending on what references use, they vary on that). It was re-badged the Stevens Model 24 in aroudn 1950. Some sources claim it also was made in both names for a few years until around 53. Went through a few minor variations in it's day. No serial numbers were required back in those days. Not until the late 60's were those required.

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Q: What is a Stevens 22 410?
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