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Value depends on condtion, how bad you want to sell it, how bad someone wants to buy it, what caliber it is, any accessories, the box, original papers, etc.. Range 200-300 USD

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Q: What is a Stevens 311 a 20 gauge dbl barrel shot gun worth in excellent condition used very little?
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What is the age and value of a 22 LR J Stevens A and T Co Maynard Jr model single shot lever action with an 18 inch barrel?

The Stevens Maynard Junior was manufactured 1902 to 1912. It was a flimsy little gun with a particularly weak wrist, so not many have survived. Today, one in poor condition might bring $100. One in excellent condition would be at least $300.

What is the value of a Stevens model 311 series h double barrel shotgun?

A fully functional double barrel should bring $150-$250 depending on the condition. Less for one that is only useful as a tent peg, and a little more for one in like-new condition.

What is the value of a Belgian 12 gauge T Barker double barrel shotgun?

$100 to $150. A little more if it is in excellent like-new condition. A lot less if it is broken or rusty.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Ranger 101.8 5100 side by side with 30 inch barrels and has the letters ajq and o neil?

My experience for similar guns (like Stevens 311, Stevens 5100, etc) is that your gun is likely worth 250-300 in good condition with little room for movement either way given bad (but working) condition or excellent condition.

What is the value of a Stevens Little Scout 22LR?

To determine the exact value of a Stevens Little Scout 22LR, a couple different factors would need to be considered. Some of these factors would be the condition and the age.

Where can you find information about a 20 gauge Riverside single barrel shotgun serial 961yk patented August 12 1913?

Riverside Arms is a brand name used by the J Stevens Arms Co. on many good quality shotguns. The value depends on model, gauge, and condition. There is little collector interest in single barrel shotguns. Information about J Stevens Arms apply to Riverside Arms Co.

What is the estimated age and value of a 12 Gauge Stevens 5100 double barrel shotgun with the bird dog engraving on the side of the action?

My grandfather recently gave me a Stevens 5100 double barrel 12 gauge and I did a little digging and found that Stevens produced the 5100 from 1931-1941. Value, I'm not sure about. I havn't had mine appraised yet. Shoots nice though :)

What is the value of a J Stevens Little Scout 14.5 22 LR?

The Stevens Boys Rifles such as the 14 1/2 Little Scout are collectable in top condition. Unfortunately, due to the market for which they were designed, guns in top condition are very rare. Typical selling price on one of these in the 40-50% condition range is around $100-$200.

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Co Little Scout 22 long rifle pat July 2 1907?

The Stevens Little Scout came in two varieties -- the Model 14 with a one-piece stock and the later Model 14-1/2 with separate buttstock and forearm. The Model 14 is quite rare and brings $150 on up, depending on condition. The Model 14-1/2 is much more common. Guns in average condition can be found for as little as $100; specimens in excellent condition can carry asking prices as high as $500. A typical gunshow price in 2005 is in the neighborhood of $175 to $275.

What is the average price for a used Audi TT?

A used Audi TT from 2001 can rage between $6,000 in Fair Condition, to a little under $8000 in Excellent Condition. For a 2010 Audi TT, in Fair condition, it runs for $30,000 all the way to more than $35,000 for Excellent Condition.

What is the age and value of a J Stevens 16 gauge double barrel with two sets of barrels?

I just recently purchased a Stevens 16 ga. double barrel in pretty good condition and paid 150$ for it. I don't know what the book value is, but I feel like its worth every penny of that 150$. $150 is a good price for any useable double barrel. In some parts of the country a 16 gauge will bring a little more than the more common 12 gauge guns but in other places it will be harder to sell or bring a little less. Top price, unless it is absolutely like new, would be about $250. The extra set of barrels should add another $50-$100, depending on their condition.

How much is a Little Black Sambo Book No.856 worth?

The value of a Little Black Samboo book No. 856 depends on its condition. This book in excellent condition is valued between 49.00 and 55.00 as of 2014.

How much is a 1883 HS brown machine gun worth?

This is not a fully automatic "machine gun". This is an antique double barrel shotgun. They have little collector value. Because of their age they should be shot, if at all, with special ammo appropriate to the metallurgy of the era. Value in excellent condition is about $400.

How can you find out about your J Stevens Little Scout 22-long rifle Pat date of July 2 '07?

This was a version of the stevens favorite model single shot rifles.Your stevens model little scout was the model 14 1/2.these were made from 1909-1936.They came with either a 18in.or a 20in barrel,and a rolling breech block action with iron sights.I hope this helps?

What is the approximate value of a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle?

It depnds on condition. A 1971 Standard Beetle in excellent condition could bring up to $12000.00 USD. Where as a Beetle in poor but drivable condition could go for as little as $800.00 USD.

What is the value of a Remington sportsman 58 16ga two rib barrels used very little in very good condition?

About $325 in excellent condition - $30 apiece for the vent rib barrels

What is a Springfield double barrel shotgun worth?

$100-$250, depending on condition. Less if broken or rusted, a little more if absolutely like new.

Value of j stevens rifle 22?

You have provided too little information to answer the question. The specific model and exact condition is required to make any kind of estimate.

What is the value of a Marlin 336 RC 30-30 with serial number of AA60569?

It depends on condition. Values run from as little as $50 or $75 for well used, to several hundred for excellent condition.

What is the year of manufacture and approximate value of a Model 72 saddlegun serial 720379xx in like new condition and fired very little?

1972. These are selling for around $150 in excellent condition.

What is the value of a Belgian made double barrel shot gun?

It all depends on the type and condition of the gun. An FN made 1970's Browning 25 in excellent condition will put you back several thousands while some of the cheap 19th century shotguns that flooded the lower end of the UK market are basically worth a little bit more than scrap value.

What is the value of a Colt 45 MK IV series 80 in excellent condition?

600-800. A little more if you have the original box, papers, etc.

What the value of savage Stevens 887 22?

Savage Stevens 887 great gun but these were very common and cheap in their day. Worth about 150-200 in good condition. Keep in mind you can get a nice new 22 auto for a little over 200 bucks

What is the age and value of a 20 gauge Ithaca shotgun serial 248279 F in fair condition?

Is this a double barrel or pump? Can you give a little more description?

How do you find a clip for a Stevens Model 258a 20-gauge single-barrel shotgun?

I have this model gun however i know very little about it. EBAY is an awesome parts site