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What is a Winchester 22 L or LR model 190 worth and are they rare guns?


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2005-12-18 00:43:35
2005-12-18 00:43:35

Not sure if this is the same person that I answered before, but I have 3 of these rifles, I bought the last 2 for 65 and 75 dollars ( both work excellent). I'm no pro, but I see them quite a bit and they don't seem to be worth much. Sweet guns in my opinion tho.


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While these are good guns they are not rare or terribly valuable. Figure on roughly $500 and you'll be in the ballpark.

Rare in really great shape.

CommentI own a model 37 Winchester 20 gauge. I would also like to know what it is worth. I have read on the Winchester site that some were red lettered and these are more sought after. The price ranges from 300-700+ I would not sell you're 37 red letter, they are very rare. I have one and it was passed down to me from my grandfather, I would hold on to it and pass it down to you kids or grandkids. Like I said they are very rare now and it would NT be wise to sell. Please hold it.

Fairly rare model. If it is in top condition, it can bring over $700.

Your winchester model 1912 shotgun which was made by winchester in 1937 is not that rare.There was a total production of 2,026,372 shotguns made during a time span between the years 1912-1980.Depending on the gauge and overall condition of your shotgun?These can range in price from 250-650 dollars.

"Manufacture of the Model 38 was authoried on November 18, 1936. I was designed to be madeunder the same general specifications as the Model 37 except for such changes as were necessary to make the Model 38 a full hammerless shotgun. This model was never offered for sale, as the authority for its manufacture was later cancelled. Only a few sample guns of this model were produced for test purposes." From "The History of Winchester Firearms 1866 - 1992 by Thomas Henshaw. Extremely rare and valuable to the right collector.

Yes, but on custom order only... they are rare.

These guns were made as prizes for the Winchester Claybird Tournament in 1967 & 1968. They are fairly rare as they were never offered for sale by the company. I was told by a Winchester financial executive that the sets' cost for the 1967 set was over $2,000. No idea their value today since I have not heard of any set that sold

The model 54 from Sears and Roebucks was manufactured by the Winchester company and is the same design as the famous model 94. Their is no colector value on the Sears guns except in rare instances. Value of your gun in good condition is around $125.00. On the upside they make great shooters for hunting or plinking.

$1800-$2200 mint condition, this gun is rare

Model 12 in 16 gauge. Value from a few hundred to multiple thousands depending on EXACTLY what you have and its condition, accessories, box, papers.

The "WS" on a Winchester Model 12 stands for Winchester Skeet and it has a full solid rib and is a reasonably rare find these days. As a rule, "WS" stands for "Winchester Special", I've never heard of it in relation to a shot gun. So far as I know "WS" only refers to rifles. Where did you see the mark? it may be an inspector's stamp.

The Model 94 Nickel steel 25-35 is a VERY RARE GUN. when the 25-25 was introduced it was primarily used in safari grade rifles ie,double barrel rifles,so if you have acquired a lever action one (i am assuming being a winchester) than i would take it to somebody who is very familiar with older model guns because the gun is not in production any more--and neither is the round-

The Model 1906/06 was introduced in 1906, discontinued in 1932, and with a total production of 625,000+ manufactured. From 1932 - 1942, an estimated additional 60,000 were assembled from remaining parts on hand (parts clean-up). In simple terms, it is one of the least rare Winchester .22 caliber models. Bert H.

A Rossi 62 sa or 62sa is worth $300 round barrel and $550 with a octogon barrel. These guns are becoming rare and are high quality guns made in Brazil. Becoming hard to find in an octogon version. I have seen on fetch $650 at an aution.

this particular gun is worth about $10,000,000 dollars and is extremely rare and is known to be one of the most accurate guns on earth......

i will offer 1000$ dollars for this model, it is very rare.

I will start my answer with a question?Are you sure that your winchester model 70 was made by winchester in 1948?I ask this because the 300 win.magnum was not a chambering that was available until the late 1950,s.The cartridge was based on a 458 winchester magnum case that was necked down.The 458 winchester came into being in 1956-1958.It also spawned the 264 win.mag caliber,and the .338 win mag caliber.I would expect that your winchester model 70 rifle was rechambered at some point in time if it is indeed a winchester model 70 made in 1948.This can also be said if we are talking about the .300 weatherby mag chambering.

Yes, but they are very rare. Octagon barrel Special order. Can have optional features such as tang sight and front sight fold down beech front. Extremely rare!

Impossible to answer without a serial number. Blue Book of Gun Values has sn data that will help.The 33 Winchester was only chambered in the late production model 1886 rifles.The Winchester model 1886 carbine(rare) and the model 1886 light weight rifle were the only 2 models of the 1886 so chambered.This caliber was chambered in the 1920,s and till the end of production which was 1935.

value of a hudson model ws 410 shotgun

Your Winchester Model 62 was manufactured in 1932. It was a very popular model fashioned after the Model 1890, and many were used in shooting galleries at state fairs, hence, the nickname, "Gallery Gun." There were a lot of them made so it's not particualrly rare, but depending on its caliber, condition, etc., it could be worth anywhere from several hundred dollars to a thousand or more (in perfect condition). Try asking the experts on the Experts Forum at, they're very helpful (and it's free!). Good luck.

It is worth rare short wrist.

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