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The Winchester 22 model 90 serial number 653387 in good condition, is valued at $1600.ÊIn fair condition, it is valued at $500.Ê

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how much is a Winchester 1859 worth with the serial number 2330126

Impossible to value with just the serial number.

If you have a model 70 winchester rifle?then it was made in 1964 with the serial number you provided.

The serial number is outside the range of Winchester rifles. (Too high)

how much is a 25 20 Winchester...model 1892..serial number 605956... manufactured in 1884 worth

The Winchester model 20 was a youth .410 single shot gun manufactured between 1918-1924. Only about 24,000 were built. Your serial number is not from a Winchester model 20.

The serial number indicates that your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made at Winchester,s New Haven,Conn.facility in the year 1953.

Winchester never made a firearm with that Model number. It appears that you have listed the serial number.

You'll need to post a model number, Winchester sold several rifles chambered in 30-30 carbine

The year of manufacture for serial number 4868214 is 1980. Worth about $200.00-$400.00, depending on the shape.

I have inherited awinchester model 94 serial #1679118 can anyone tell me the year and what it might be worth?

I believe that your Winchester model 101 was made in July of 1971.

log on to Winchester arms, give ser# and date if its a pre 1964 its worth more

Actually your Winchester model 1894 was made by Winchester in 1968,with the serial number you provided.The value of your Winchester will be based on the amount of original finish remaining on the wood and metal,with a good bore.If you have one in 60%condition it would be worth 275 dollars,if yours is in 90%condition it would bring 375 dollars.

22 caliber rifle Winchester model 61 serial number 46958 is considered very valuable. This specific Winchester model group is worth any where from 500 dollars to over 3,000 dollars.

That is not a model number. It is a serial number. Please check and repost the question. We need make and model.

Winchester did not make revolvers in 1924

Impossible to answer. Model 1906 serial numbers go from 1 - 708824.

Without more of a description 100-1000 USD.

What condition is it in, and what is the serial number? Is it a Take Down or a Solid Frame? Bert H.

Between $350 and $450 depending on condition.