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What is a astroid made of?


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An asteroid is made of rock and metal.

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No an astroid does not have water on it.

No. An asteroid is an object made of rock and/or metal. A comet is made largely of ice.

An astroid is a hypocycloid with four cusps - a particular form of plane curve traced from a fixed point on a circle.

A comet is mostly made up of ice while an asteroid is mostly rock and/or metal.

NO it is not a moon it is an astroid

it is made of so many astroids it is also called as astroid belt

Between Mars and Jupiter.

Ceres is the largest asteroid

It will go 'bang' when it hits something.

It was an astroid where there was a landing

x15 y80 are the quardenets for the astroid.

Word not know, do you mean Astroid

by landin on the earth and revolping the astroid

They fall into the same range of sizes.

Meteor, Astroid, OUter Planets

Pluto is outer of the astroid belt.

No, there is no reason to be scared.

it is a dwarf planet and that is just a giant astroid

venus has the slowest rotation because an astroid hit it millions of years ago and made the revoulution go counter clock wise

The asteroid belt is found between Mars and Jupiter.

It's called the Astroid Belt

This was the period in which the dinosaurs were killed by and astroid that struck earth

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