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What is a axolotls expert called?

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herpetologists study reptiles and amphibians

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Can Mexican walking fish live out of water?

Mexican walking fish are aquatic salamanders called axolotls. Axolotls can not live out of water.

Do Axolotls have Antennae?

No! Axolotls DO NOT have antennae!

Are axolotls mammals?

No. Axolotls are amphibians.

Can axolotls come out of water?

no axolotls do not come out of water

Are axolotls real?

Axolotls are real, they do exist.

Are axolotls vertebrates?

Axolotls are vertebrates - they have a spine.

What is an expert aviator called?

An Expert Aviator is called an "Ace".

What is a Cultures Expert called?

A cultures expert is called an ethnologist.

What is an expert pilot called?

what ia an expert pilot called

What is an expert on China called?

an expert on China is called a sinologist.

What is a cat expert called?

a cat expert is called a felinologist.

Are axolotls dinosaurs?

Axolotls are not dinosaurs. Axolotls belong to a group of animals that's older than dinosaurs.

Are axolotls fish?

There are 5 types of vertebrates: -Mammals -Amphibians -Reptiles -Birds and -Fish Axolotls are apart of the fish group

Can axolotls eat fish food?

no they can't. its vegetarian axolotls are meat eaters.

Are there axolotls in Australia?

Axolotls are not native to Australia. However, they have been imported as pets.

What is a person called who provides an expert opinion?

An Expert.

Are axolotls vertebrate fish?

Question doesn't quite make sense, as fisk are vertebrates. Axolotls are ALSO vertebrates (meaning they have a spine), but they are NOT fish. Axolotls are amphibians.

What is a shark expert called?

the shark expert is called a sharkspert!! hahahahahahaha juss kidding:D

How do axolotls sleep?

Axolotls sleep underwater. They are the only amphibians that still have gills as adults.

What is a snake expert called?

Don't know the origin of the word, but a snake expert is called a herpetologist.

What is a flea expert called?

A pullicologist is an expert on fleas

Do axolotls sleep?

they do

Do axolotls migrate?

NO they do not .

Do axolotls eat live fish?

Axolotls are predators, and will eat small fish if presented with the opportunity.

What is a Earthquake expert called?

The study of earthquakes is called seismology so an earthquake expert should be called a seismologist.

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