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A baby turtle with yellow and black stripes is usually a yellow-bellied slider. Their skin is striped yellow and black, and their shells have yellow and black swirls.

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What color a baby zebra's black stripes?

a baby zebra is black with white stripes, because it resembles its mother.

Zebra have black stripes or white stripes?

Zebras have black stripes.Zebras do not have black stripes at all. Zebras are white with brown stripes but their stripes darken as the age. Look at a picture of a baby zebra and examine the color yourself! :-)

What does a baby zebra look like?

A baby zebra has brown and white stripes when it's born.Then I think the baby gets its black and white stripes when it's a little older.

What king of baby snake is black with yellow horizontal stripes?

you said your answer in the question. I suspect it's because you know what it really is but are just making sure. It is a King snake.

Are baby zebras black with white strips?

Baby zebras are like adult zebras. Although they are small, they have all the stipes they will ever have, as the youngster grows, the stripes grow. (Zebras are white with black stripes; if you look at their bellies, the black ends and it's white).

Why are baby chick yellow?

They are notalways yellow. I have had black and also white chicks.

How are master angel Taigon family?

master angel Taigon had baby cubs with a female White tigress named Kira they had 3 baby cubs 2 females and 1 male. and their names are this: zan Taigon, aleu Taigon, and kodi Taigon.Zan was a White with black stripes, aleu was black with White stripes, and then kody was all White like the snow on winter. kodi was the one that had the blue eyes with yellow on the out side and her sisters Ware orange with yellow.

What does a baby yellow jacket look like?

A baby yellow jacket has the same markings as its mature counterpart. Yellow jackets can be identified by their black bodies and yellow thorax.

Do baby zebras have stripes?

Zebra foals are born with brown and e stripes, instead of black and white like the parents. you look like a rabbit

What type of bird is yellow and brown?

A type of bird that has Yellow and Black is a Baby Duck

How do the black and white stripes help baby zebras avoid predaters?

The purpose of the stripes are similar to modern camouflage and is used to break up the shape of the zebra.

What bird has a yellow and black tail feathers with yellow veins in the feathers?

we are asking is there not a baby bird with yellow veins in its feathers

What is the name of the baby animal of a turtle?

A baby turtle is called a hatchling.

What do you do if out a baby turtle?

what do you mean of that? is it that you found a new baby turtle or you got one?

What is the name of a baby sea turtle?

A baby sea turtle is called a hatchling.

What are baby turtle called?

A baby turtle is called is commonly known as a hatchling. A turtle is similar to tortoise but is usually found in water.

Do baby tigers have the same stripes as their parents?

No, No two Tiger's have the same stripes.

Where would you buy a baby turtle in Birmingham?

You would buy a baby turtle at a pet store.

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