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1. A balance is the amount of credit, money, merchandise, that is borrowed by the debtor. The debtor will have a balance owed until the creditor is repaid in full which may include interest, late, over the limit, past due, annual fees etc.

2. It is also a type of scale, made of two hanging pans balanced on a fulcrum. The item to be weighed is placed in one pan and standardized weights (eg 1 ounce or 5 ounce metal fobs) are added to the other pan until the two pans are exactly level with each other. The sum of the standardized weights equals the weight of the object being measured (weighed).

A balance is used to measure the amount of mass in a particular substance. Standard scientific balances include the triple beam balance and the equal arm balance.
A balance is a device used to weigh things.

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Q: What is a balance?
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Actual balance is the real balance while avialable balance is the physical balance

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A balance sheet will always balance.

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The most known is a balance and a scale balance.

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Opening balance of cash in trail balance

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Trial balance a forced of balance?

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International Balance of Payments

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Negative Collected Balance = Ledger Balance - Float, given Float > Ledger Balance.

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