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A balance transfer is when an amount owing on one credit card is transferred to another credit card. This is usually done to take advantage of lower interest charges. A credit card company usually specifies a minimum/maximum amount you can transfer.

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Q: What is a balance transfer with regards to credit cards?
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What is the best credit card for balance transfer?

There are many good credit cards for balance transfer. For example, Visa credit card provides a good balance transfer service. American Express credit card does too.

Which credit cards offer a low interest balance transfer?

It depends on your situation. Usually Discover cards have a very low interest balance transfer available with the cards.

How can one transfer the balance of their credit cards to a consolidated loan?

You can easily transfer the balance of the credit cards to the consolidated loans in one easy step. All you have to do is sign a form on behalf of the loan company. They send this out to all your other cards, and the balance is transferred.

Can you apply for another credit card if you already have one?

yes you can i have done it recently to do a balance transfer and i still use both credit cards yes you can i have done it recently to do a balance transfer and i still use both credit cards

Which credit cards have a 0% balance transfer? has a good website that shows you best interest rates and best credit cards. Go to the site, then go to credit cards. Then click on best for balance transfers.

How do you balance transfer from one credit card to another?

In order to transfer your balance from one credit card to another, it is best to first review all of your credit cards, their limits, how much you owe, and various benefits of each card. Then, transfer higher rate balances to cards with lower rates.

Where are the Credit cards with a no fee balance transfer?

The following cards offer no or low interest for 6 to 12 months on balance transfers.

How do you qualify for credit cards with 0 interest?

It is impossible to qualify for credit cards with 0 interest. You can read about why at › Credit Card News › Credit Card Help or

Where can one get information on credit cards with 0 interest rate balance transfer options?

A website called 'credit card red flag deals' compares credit card that have a 0 interest balance transfer, some of them include cards like MasterCard Capital one and CAA Quebec MasterCard.

If a person has a high credit card balance is it possible to transfer the balance to two different credit cards as in splitting the balance up?

Yes, as long as the issuing bank(s) of the credit card(s) getting the balance is/are not the same bank as the one losing the balance.

What companies offer credit cards with 0 interest on balance transfers?

Many companies offer credit cards with zero interest on your balance transfer. Capital One, Citi Bank card and MasterCard all over zero interest on switching to their cards.

Which credit cards offer a 0 balance transfer fee?

Research has shown that there are a wide range of credit cards that offer a zero balance transfer fee. Some of the cards offering this are the Capital One Platinum Prestige card, City Simplicity card, Discover it, Citi Diamond Preferred card and Slate from Chase.

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