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What is a bamboo buzzer?

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A musical instrument also called a Idiophone or Balingbing

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What is bunkaka instrument?

The bamboo buzzer is known variously as the balingbing or bunkaka (Kalinga) and batiwtiw (Central Philippines). The bamboo buzzer is a bamboo tube which is open or split at one end. The sound is produced by striking the split end against the palm of the hand. This instrument is also used to drive away evil spirits.

What is a bungkaka?

A bungkaka, also known as the bamboo buzzer is a percussion instrument (idiophone) made out of bamboo common in numerous indigenous tribes around the Philippines such as the Ifugao, Kalinga, and Ibaloi.

What is the symbol for a buzzer?

this is the symbol for the buzzer

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for December 21 2012?

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How do you make a light and buzzer circuit?

take two cells a buzzer and a light join the buzzer with wire and the light bulb with the buzzer and the cell

How do you make a buzzer louder using a cell bulb and buzzer?

A buzzer is cool. You just connect the circuit.

What is the meaning of bunkaka?

A bunkaka is also known as a bamboo buzzer. It is a musical instrument that is used to drive out evil spirits as well as entertain. The tube shaped instrument with openings on both ends and made of bamboo produces a buzzing sound. It is played by striking the open end in your hands.

What is the ISBN of Bird at the Buzzer?

The ISBN of Bird at the Buzzer is 978-0803224117.

What is the difference between a bell and a buzzer?

A bell rings and a buzzer buzzes

Does it count if a shot in hockey goes in after the buzzer if it's shot before the buzzer?

no it does not it has to becompletely across the goal line when the buzzer goes off.

What are the uses of buzzer?

The buzzer is used as a signaling device. The buzzer is typically electronic and is usually used in household appliances like microwave ovens.

How do you disable the seat belt buzzer on a ford van?

cut the wire to the buzzer

How does an electronic buzzer work?

a buzzer works when eleticty goes thorght the wire

Is their any games like buzzer beater?

Yes there is such game as buzzer beater

What is the definition of piezo buzzer?

That is a buzzer that's operated by striking a piece of quartz.

How do you spell the noise a buzzer makes?

The onomatopoeia for a buzzer can be "buzz", "bzz", or "bzzt". (The louder buzzer at sports events is actually a horn.)

Who had most buzzer beater in the NBA history?

Michael Jordan with 231 buzzer beaters

What is the input form of energy for a buzzer its a kinetic?

For an electric buzzer, it's electrical energy.

How would you wire a buzzer with a Lightswitch 2 gold screw on the right and 1 green on the top left and a 9v Battery Snap and of course a Buzzer?

Black cables from Battery and buzzer to Lightswitch. Buzzer and Battery Red cables connected

What is a buzzer flag?

In the game of soccer, a buzzer flag is a flag attached to a buzzer worn by the assistant referee, which causes a receiver to buzz, warning the referee of the flag's use.

What does a buzzer do in a circuit?

When electricity goes through it it buzzes

What will happen to a buzzer connected to an open circuit?

The buzzer will not work because there will be no electricity going through it.

Is there a buzzer or whistle at the end of a hockey game?

A buzzer or Horn sounds to signal the end of periods. The end of the third period is the end of the game, therefore a buzzer ends the game.

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Locate the buzzer by the sound. Unplug the buzzer and bend one of the spade terminals flat. Plug it back into the socket.

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use this link for a prank buzzer chair