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What is a bar tab?

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It's just a system where the bartenders mark down the drinks as you order them, and then you just pay it all at once at the end. It saves you (and the bartender) a lot of time from having to collect cash for every order.

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what is another word for bar tab

There are a few ways to get to the pass tab. The easiest one is: To run your cursor over the "profile" tab (next to the "ranking" tab). Then underneath that tab bar there will be another tab bar. The end tab on the bottom tab bar is the " My passes" tab. Click on that and you will end up on the passes page.there by your equus under it

They are both keys on the keyboard but a space bar just moves a small space compared to a tab bar. Usually a tab bar is used for indenting, ana space bar is used for separation of words.

If there are multiple tabs on your browser bar, click the blue tab you are on to hide it.

Open a new tab in a Safari browser window? Tabs can be configured from the Tab tab in the Safari preferences. You can Press the Command (cmd) and T keys. If you have a tab open you can right click on blank space on the tab bar and select New tab or click the + symbol at the end of the tab bar.

Mac OS X versionThere are several ways to do this: File -> New TabKey combination: Command + TDouble tab on free space in tab bar (Tab bar is only displayed in there is at least two open tabs)

Right click upon the Tab bar and select 'New Tab'

Tab will hide or show: the tool bar, options bar, and any windows (excluding the picture window) in Photoshop.

go to tools,options,tabs then uncheck always show the tab bar.

A tab can be small piece of paper that sticks out. It can also be used as your bill for services,often in a bar.

The 5 different types of tabs in Microsoft Word are:Left Tab StopRight Tab StopCentre Tab StopDecimal Tab StopBar Tab Stop

click the translate button on the tool bar oviasly open the tool tab bar first

Click on the "My Settings" tab located in the bar at the left.

You click the Tab bar on your keyboard

to run a tab means to build up on the amount of money you owe to a specific establishment, such as a bar.

Depend on when is pressed it can hide all panels and tools or to move to the next text field in any dialog, panel or Options bar (when options bar is in focus). Tab can also switch from Full Screen Mode to Full Screen Mode With Menu Bar. Shift + Tab hides palette with panels on the right side of screen.

Tab has multiple meanings, choose your poison:Tab on the keyboard is called "sarkain", but nobody really says that, it is just called "tabi". Tab on a browser is called "välilehti". Guitar tab is called "tabulatuuri". A tab (as in drug) is called "tabletti". A bar tab is called "piikki". LSD is called "happo", "spiidi" or "lsd"

3 ways you can 1. File>New Tab 2. Right Click Link and click "open in new tab" 3. Click the "+" on the tab bar

Are you sure you did not mean `Put it on my tab.`A tab is a running bill at a bar. Put it on my tab means that you will pay the whole amount later, e.g. at the end of the evening, month etc.

On Firefox pressing the space bar will scroll you down the page.

It is at the start of the formula bar. it is also on the formulas tab.

The function of the tab button on a computer keyboard is generally used to indent when creating a new paragraph in a document. It is about the same as 5 presses of the space bar.

It creates a vertical line down the page at the tab stop for every line of text. It does not have any effect on the text, like other tabs do.

Well... I Bet you know the space bar key Everytime because you use it every time you make a space on your laptop/computer.The Tab Key makes larger spaces neater in meaning of if you want a large space you use the tab keyExample:198374 Street Cairo Egypt^ I used the Tab key here it made a larger space.

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