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The bore of a barrel is the inside of it.

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Can you change the barrel of a pellet rifle from a rifled to a smooth barrel?

Yes it could be done, but you would have to locate a smooth bore barrel to change it with. Remember smooth bore barrels are not as accurate as a rifled bore barrel.

What is a cylinder bore barrel?

A Cylinder bore has no choke at all.

Where is the bore of a gun?

The bore is the inside diameter of the barrel. Simply put, it's the hole down the middle of the barrel.

What is a bore on a shotgun?

Bore is the number of lead spheres the diameter of the barrel it would take to equal one pound. Ergo, the larger the bore, the smaller the barrel.

What is a cylinder bored shotgun barrel?

A shotgun barrel with a cylinder bore choke.

Where is the bore of a firearm located?

The end of the barrel where the projectile leaves the barrel on firing.

What is rifle bore?

The bore is the inside of the barrel of the gun. Bore dimension for most rifles is caliber, which is the bore diameter in fractions of an inch or in millimeters. Some older big game rifles had designations such as "12 bore", which is bore diameter the size of a shotgun barrel of the same gauge. Gauge is the number of round balls fitting the bore that can be made from a pound of lead.

Can you shoot a smooth bore slug through a rifled barrel?

Yes, that is why they rifled the barrel.

What does the diameter of The bore in a gun mean?

The bore is the inside of the barrel- that is, the hole that the bullet is fired through. The diameter of the bore is measuring how wide the bore is from one side to another.

What is the barrel bore size for the proto slg?


How do you check if a gun is rifled?

You look down the barrel and if it is swirled it is a rifled barrel and if it is not swirled it is a smooth bore

A Type of firearm or cannon with an unrifled barrel?

smooth bore

What is a Type of firearm or cannon with unrifled barrel?

smooth bore

Section of gun bore containing the charge?

Chamber or barrel.

How do you put tight bore barrel into g36?

Take it to a gunsmith.

What mean by bore of a gun?

The bore of a gun relates to the diameter of the hole in the barrel - and in turn the diameter of the bullet the gun can fire.

What is an unchoked shotgun barrel?

An unchoked barrel, also known as a cylinder choke, is a barrel that has no constriction at the end. The bore is a constant size throughout its length.

Can rifled slugs be shot through a smooth bore barrel?


Can you shoot a sabot slug in a smooth bore shotgun barrel?


What is the bore of a firearm?

The inside diameter of the barrel measured between the lands.

What is caliber of a gun?

The caliber of a firearm refers to the bore diameter of the barrel,and what caliber is marked near the chamber of the gun,or on the barrel.

How do you get paper out of a gun barrel?

Ensure the firearm is unloaded and clear, get a cleaning rod and a bore brush, and run it through the barrel.

Why did the barrel of my 7400- 270 Remington rifles barrel split when fired?

Most barrel split from bore obstructions. Count your self lucky you are alive.

How do you Determine the gun bore?

By measuring the inner diameter of the barrel across the lands.

Will shooting slugs made for a smooth bore through a rifled barrel do harm?