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What is a baseball lineup?

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A Baseball lineup is the list of players that will participate in a game.

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What is George Washingtons lineup?

a lineup is something in baseball well that's what my friend Lauren said

What is the fourth batter in a baseball lineup called?


Can you change your baseball lineup?

No, it is illegal to change your lineup after the umpire has collected the lineups. However, you may sub in a player for another but that player may not come back into the game.

What is the starting lineup as it relates to baseball?

The starting lineup in baseball is either nine or ten players, depending on the rules of the governing body. Some bodies allow a designated hitter to replace the pitcher in the batting order, but not when the team is fielding.

What is an antonym for lineup?

9 players in a baseball team don't take turns batting.

What is fourth in the batting order called?

In baseball, the 4th batter in the lineup is called the 'cleanup' batter.

When does a high school baseball lineup cards become official?

When it is presented to the umpire at home plate.

What does s beside players name represent in fantasy baseball?

They are in the starting lineup for their game that day.

In baseball what does on deck mean?

"On deck" means the next batter in the lineup to follow the batter currently batting.

How many batters are in a baseball lineup?

9. In the National League, all position players will receive a turn to bat. In the American League, the pitcher traditionally doesn't bat and in his spot in the lineup, a designated hitter is used.

What is the third batter in a baseball lineup called?

There is no nickname for the third batter. The common nicknames are "leadoff" (first), "cleanup" (fourth) and "last" (ninth). As a group, the third, fourth and fifth batters in a lineup are known as the "heart" of the order.

What is the duration of The Lineup film?

The duration of The Lineup - film - is 1.43 hours.

Why does a pitcher goes last in a starting lineup?

Because the pitcher is typically the worst hitter in the lineup, and the last spot in the lineup gets the least at-bats.

What is the three whole in baseball?

You probably mean "three hole", the term given to the batter who hits third in the starting lineup.

When do baseball lineup cards become official?

when it the home team line up card is handed to the home plate umpire.

How much players are in the lineup in soccer?

11 football/soccer players are on the field / lineup

What is the duration of The Lineup TV series?

The duration of The Lineup - TV series - is 1800.0 seconds.

What is lineup sheet in volleyball?

A lineup sheet is where the coach writes down the numbers of the starting players. The coach hands the lineup sheet to the skorekeeper and they will record it on the score sheet.

The value of Joe Montana rookie starting lineup?

the value of joe Montana rookiestarting lineup

When was The Lineup - film - created?

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What is the value of Darryl Strawberry starting lineup 1988 In original package?

The 1988 Starting Lineup Darryl Strawberry figurine is worth about $5. in mint condition in original package. Last week 5 Darryl Strawberry 1988 Starting Lineup figurines listed on eBaY did not sell with minimum bids ranging from .99 cents - $6.991988 was the first year Kenner toys put out the baseball SLU Figurines. The back of the package has the check list for both the American league, and National League figures issued. There is also an offer for a Free Autographed All-Star Baseball with 5 proof of purchase seals from any Starting Lineup products. Although there are a large community of collectors who collect the Starting LineupFigures the value of these collectibles remain low. Constantly selling well below book value.See Related Links below for more information on the Starting Lineup figurines, and the (stamped) Autographed All-Star Baseball.

Do college teams used the dh?

Yes College baseball adhires to American league rules with a DH substituting in the lineup for the pitcher usually

How many players make up a lineup in basketball?

9 is the minimum number of players on a baseball team the major leagues have more though

What is The tenth player in a baseball lineup who is the designated hitter?

The designated hitter is the tenth player in a baseball lineup. Designated hitters are players that do nothing but bat. They bat in the place of one of the team's player who is out in the field. For teams with designated hitters its always the pitcher that the DH bats in place of as so the pitcher can completely focus on pitching, but technically it could be any player.

What happend to the 08 KTM 85XC?

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