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What is a baseball signed by Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris worth?

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2008-10-07 18:17:00

A Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris signed ball is worth alot! I

predict you could sell it in the low thousands (2000). This is just

a prediction based on prior knowledge. A Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris

Dual signed baseball is worth about $3,000.-$5,000. Price will vary

based on condition, type of authenticity that accompanies the

signatures, and which signature is on the sweet spot. One player or

the other on the sweet spot might not be worth more than the other,

but if a collector bidding on the ball is a favorite of one or the

other that collector will pay more for that player on the sweet


In a recent auction held in October 2007 a Mickey Mantle, Roger

Maris Dual signed baseball sold for $4,780.00 (Mantle on sweet


Signatures that have not been authenticated could sell at half

the market value or less. For more information on autographed

baseball visit the link I left below.

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