What is a basic feature of the free-market system?

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A basic feature of the free market system is that consumers make their own economic choices

What are the six basic features of a map?

Maps have changed over time, and firm rules took even longer to establish and to become consistent on all maps. Any map today will or should indicate all of the following in some form, at some place on the document: . Title (as simple as Joe's House, or a city name, country, state or country.) ( Full Answer )

Basic features of algorithm?

It should be simple. . It should be clear with no ambiguity. . It should lead unique solution of the problem. . It should involve finite number of steps. . It should have the capability to handle some unexpected situations which may arise during the solution of a problem(for eg: Division with ze ( Full Answer )

What are the basic features of modernism?

1.) the alignment with Freud's. discoveries of the primacy. of the unconscious. 2.) a radical questioning of the. process of representation. 3.) the problematic status of the author. and his authority-the author. appears in the text. 4.) the artist as dandy or. anti-commercial radical. 5.) ( Full Answer )

What are the basic features of assembly language?

Symbols to represent instructions Each instruction (opcode) is given some mnemonic name Various addressing modes might select different opcodes for same mnemonic Symbols to represent labels and variables The addresses where variables are stored can be named Addresses in the code can be labelled

Features of visual basic?

the features of V B is we are creating a programme and it is run in similar window ..... this software powered by a great sintest of amaroka .............and this is

Basic features of maps?

All maps have some basic features that include a legend that showshow roads, highways, and other items are marked on the map. Otherfeatures may include a title, scale, orientation, and an indexgrid.

What are the basic features of civilization?

The basic features of civilization include social classes and acomplex government. Public works, religion, a writing system, jobspecialization, and architecture are other basic feature ofcivilization.

Basic features of Indian economy?

The basic features of the Indian economy are the things that definethe economy of India. They include low per capita income, heavypopulation pressure, pre-dominance of agriculture, unemployment,and low rate of capital formation.

What are basic features of c?

The C programming model is that the programmer knows exactly what they want to do and how to use the language constructs to achieve that goal. The language lets the expert programmer express what they want in the minimum time by staying out of their .

Basic features of the new constitution?

The most common features were the principles of popularsovereignty, limited government, civil rights and liberties, andseparation of powers/checks and balances.

What are four features of the free enterprise system?

I'll top that and give you six. 1. Owning private property is one of the most basic features of the free enterprise system. 2. Individuals and businesses in the United States (US) are free to enter into contracts. Whether written or oral, contracts are legally binding agreements to buy and sell go ( Full Answer )

What are the basic features of Socialism and Capitalism?

. The following are the chief features of socialism: 1. Common ownership: Socialism implies social ownership/state ownership of means of production. Common ownership means that the entire structure of production and all natural resources be held in common by all people. This means that every ( Full Answer )

What are the basic features of a civilizations?

\nThe basic roles are that there has to be a colletion of people at least one hundred that have combined thought on religion and they have a system to hunting and farming which enables them to do other jobs , go to http://bussinessmouse.googlepages.com

What are the basic features of browser?

The very basic feature of web browsers is the ability to decode the source code of pages and navigate trough pages using the user's commands. Basically, all web browsers have back and forward buttons, an address bar and bookmarks system.

What are the features of basic education curriculum?

1. Greater emphasis on helping every learner to become successful reader. 2. Emphasis on interactive/collaborative learning approaches 3. Emphasis on the use of integrative learning approaches 4. Teaching of values in all learning areas 5. Development of self-reliant and patriotic citizens 6. ( Full Answer )

What are the basic features of judaism?

Though it may have an associated culture and one or more associatedlanguages, the traditional definition of Judaism is the observance of the Torah, which is why dictionaries defineJudaism as "the religion of Moses." In this sense, the word "Torah"is meant in its wider meaning, which includes the T ( Full Answer )

What were the basic features of the major belief systems?

The major, rather, fundamental belief is the existence of SUPREME FORCE that created and Provides for the creatures. That is belief in the ONENESS of Almighty God. He is to be worshiped because He decides our destiny. The there is the belief in Angels who carry out the Commands of Almighty God. God ( Full Answer )

What are basic map features?

They show roads and McDonalds signs. At least the ones I own, they have all big yellow Ms scattered around.

What are Visual Basic features?

Important Features of Visual Basic (VB) . Full set of objects - you 'draw' the application . Lots of icons and pictures for your use . Response to mouse and keyboard actions . Clipboard and printer access . Full array of mathematical, string handling, and graphics functions . Can handle fixed ( Full Answer )

What are the basic features and elements of drama?

Drama is a display of emotions, a representation ofrelationships and the portrayal of the different phases of humanlife. It sketches different personalities and represents a widevariety of emotions through the different characters it portrays.Which of its components are identified as the elements o ( Full Answer )

What are the basic elements and features of poetry?

It's hard to 'define' poetry and establish a set of fixed features, but there are some general tendencies and typical features which are more often used in poetry than other genres. Examples of such are brevity, overstructuring (grouping, repeating,... certain elements and thus structuring, creati ( Full Answer )

What are the four basic features of the cell?

The four basic features of a cell are as follows: . Cells are the basic structural and functional unit of all living things and contains inheritable genetic material. . The activity of the cell is carried out by the sub-cellular structures it possesses. . Cells possess an outer boundary layer,c ( Full Answer )

What are the basic features in Microsoft Excel?

microsoft has the basic features of all sreadsheets,using a grid of cell arranged in numbred rows and letter-named columns to organize data manipulations like arithmetic operations.

What are the basic features of an essay?

There are five parts to every essay, and each part has five parts. The basic essay: I). Introductory paragraph A). Introductory sentence, the Hook, and the Thesissentence/statement B). First thesis point C). Second thesis point D). Third thesis point E). Concluding sentence II). Body Paragraph A). R ( Full Answer )

What is the basic features and elements of essay?

An essay should contain an introduction and a conclusion. Within the body of the essay, each paragraph should contain a clear and distinct topic, made clear by the topic sentence which is usually the opening sentence of the paragraph. The paragraph topics must follow logically from each other and he ( Full Answer )

What are the basic features and elements of an essay?

1. Thesis : your main insight or idea about a text or topic, and the main proposition that your essay demonstrates. It should be true but arguable (not obviously or patently true, but one alternative among several), be limited enough in scope to be argued in a short composition and with availa ( Full Answer )

What are Chimpanzees basic features?

chimpanzees looks like humans but are stronger, when chimps are 4 they are stronger than most adults and are not good house pets.

What are the basic features of a holding company?

A holding company is defined in Black's Law Dictionary , 9th Ed., as "[a] company formed to control other companies, usually confining its role to owning stock and supervising management[, that] does not participate in making day-to-day business decisions in those companies."

What are the basic features of government in Africa?

The Republic of South Africa a constitutional democracy much like the government in the US. There are three branches, Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary. Legislative authority is held by the Parliament of South Africa. Executive authority is held by the President of South Africa. The president is ( Full Answer )

What are the basic geographical features of the Philippines?

1. An archipelago 2. Located at the heart of Southeast Asia. 3. Situated between China, Taiwan and HongKong in the North, Borneo in the South, the Pacific Ocean in the East, and Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia in the West. 4. Has 7,107 islands 5. The islands are divided into 3 groups- Luzon, Visa ( Full Answer )

What are the basic features of YouTune software?

There is no information available about a YouTune software. However, the YouTube software uses a video technology that features video uploading, video playback, video quality and codecs 480p, 720p, 3D videos, content accessibility, video localisation.

What are the basic features of an ergonomic office?

An ergonomic office would have an ergonomic chair that has good lumbar support and have a way to adjust the height. One should also have a rest for the wrists while working with the keyboard and the mouse.

What are the basic features of a play?

A play takes place on a stage of some sort, and for the benefit of an audience which would have seating of some kind in view of the stage. A play is performed by one or more actors. A play has a script, it is not entirely improvised (although it can include improvisational elements). Normally, a pla ( Full Answer )

What are basic features of FTP?

The basic features of ftp include ability to connect to an FTPserver, ability to save connection settings, and ability to movefiles between your local system and remote server.

What are the basic features of Magento?

Basic features of Magento includes . Reporting and Analytics . Product and Catalog Browsing . Customer Accounts . Order Management . Payment . Site Management . Shipping . Search engine optimization . Marketing promotions and tools . Checkout . International Support . Read more: weba ( Full Answer )