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What is a better purchase the iTouch or the Wii?


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If you already have an ipod, I would buy the Wii. However, if you are considering buying the iTouch as your first ipod, then ask your self how much you listen to music and how often. If you are buying the iTouch just for the internet capabilies I would reconsider. The iTouch only works with wifi, that can only be found in some areas,. Plus, the internet is not very good. The iTouch displays the internetina one column mode (the same way itwould look if you were browsing with a cellphone). On the Wii ,however, the internet is displayed as if you were working on a laptop. On the downside the internet on the Wii costs five dollars. In my opinion I would save for the Wii and save money for the iTouch, if you really want it, later.