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An aircraft with 2 front wings, one on top of the other, sandwiching the fuselage and at right angles to it, supported by vertical struts and cross wires.

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Q: What is a bi-plane?
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What does biplane mean?

a biplane is a aircralt with 2 wings

What do you call an monoplanes with two sets of wings?

a biplaneBiplane

How do you use the word biplane in a sentence?

Bi means two so biplane is a plane with two wings.U can use it like this- I went to Florida in a Biplane.Biplane are much better then cars.

How do you use the world biplane in a sentence?

A wing walker is much more impressive while atop the wing of a biplane. I want a biplane.

Is a biplane aerodynamic?

Yes, a biplane is very aerodynamic,with lots of 'lift'

How many wings on a biplane?

Two wings, lower and upper on a biplane.

What is the fastest biplane?

CR-42 Italian biplane fighter from WWII

What is monoplane and biplane?

A monoplane has a single wing. A biplane has two, upper and lower.

How fast can a suzuki biplane motorbike go?

top speed of suzuki biplane

Can you give me a sentence using Biplane?

Let's take a tour of the area in a biplane!

What makes a biplane a biplane?

Having an upper and lower wing makes an aircraft a biplane. This created more lift, but was slower than most monoplanes.

How do you use biplane in a sentence?

The word 'biplane' is a noun, a word for a type of airplane, a word for a thing.A noun functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.EXAMPLE SENTENCESA biplane opened the airshow. (subject of the sentence)The silvery color that the biplane was paintedflashed in the sunlight. (subject of the relative clause)They rolled a biplane out of the hanger. (direct object of the verb 'rolled')He made the biplane some new seat covers. (indirect object of the verb 'made')We took a ride in a biplane. (object of the preposition 'in')

What is the definition fo biplane?

a biplane is an aeroplane with two sets of wings, one above the other.

Where can you find a biplane in grand theft auto vice city stories on psp?

You can find a biplane at the Film Studio.The Biplane is the sea plane used in the mission dildo dodo.

Can you give a sentence using the word biplane?

The Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" is a biplane that was introduced in 1915. The versatile biplane is still quite popular among crop dusters.

How would one describe a biplane?

One would describe a biplane as a wing that can be used as a fixed wing for an aircraft, this has two wings that used biplane design to fly the aircraft one after the other. The other biplane in biology is a wing of some animals that can fly.

Why was the Biplane given it's name?

Bi means two. A biplane has two wings each side

How do you use the word 'biplane' in a sentence?

Snoopy and the Red baron both flew biplanes.

How do you put biplane in a sentence?

I love to fly in my biplane. Biplanes have two wings. Triplanes have three wings.

How many sets of wings are on a biplane?

There are two sets of wings on a biplane. There is an upper and a lower wing set.

How fast can a biplane go?

The fastest biplane fighters mostly went around 270-290 mph

What are the release dates for Biplane - 1975 VG?

Biplane - 1975 VG was released on: USA: 1975

How many passengers biplanes hold?

i think only two people can travel on a biplane because that is why it is called a biplane...

What did Neil Armstrong have his first flight in?

He flew in a biplane at the age of six, with a pilot. The biplane was called the "Tin Goose".

A plane with two wings?

A biplane.