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Its when both femurs (thigh bone) are broken. They can either be closed or open. (The bone breaks through the skin or stays inline)

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Blood lose in a bilateral femur fracture?

Bilateral means both sides. Femur is your hip. Someone with bilateral femur fracture and blood loss is someone who is bleeding(internally) from having broken the hip on both sides. The amount of blood lose can vary.

Would a patient with bilateral femur fractures be considered critical?

A femur fracture is critical, period. To have two femur fractures doubles their chances of possibly having a severed artery, and bleeding out.

Is fracture of the femur the same as fracture of the hip?

Is fracture of the femur the same as fracture of the hip? Yes

What is a femur fracture?

A fracture is a disruption in the structure of a bone. For example a crack or a break in a bone. A femur fracture is therefor a crack or break in the femur.

Bilateral fracture of the radius?

bilateral = both sides Fracture = broken or cracked Radius = one of the bones in your forearm

What is a bilateral fracture of the ankle?

Bilateral fracture ankle is the one in which both legs ankles have been got fractured.

Is it possible to fracture the femur?

Yes, femur fractures are especially common in older people.

A hip fracture is a fracture of what bone?

A hip fracture generally refers to the fracture of the head or neck of the femur (thigh) bone. There are several different areas that can suffer a fracture and still be called a hip fracture. For example, a fracture to the greater or lesser trochanters of the femur are also commonly called hip fractures by the general public.

Why fracture in femur is dangerous?

The femoral artery runs right along the femur. A fracture in the femur might damage the artery leading to massive internal bleeding, as the femoral artery is one of the largest arteries in your body.

The site of most hip fracture is the?

head of the femur

Why is a femur fracture bad?

You won't be able to walk

Why and Obese person is prone to a fracture to the femur and tibia?

Why a obese person is prone to tibia fracture

What is a bilateral fracture of the ribs?

one that is on both sides

What is the most common cause of bilateral femur fractures?

futball or football

What is a bilateral bone fracture?

Bilateral = both sides Fracture = broken, cracked Someone has pretty much the same injury om both left and right side.

What is a comminuted compound fracture?

A comminuted fracture is when the femur shatters into at least three pieces. and a compound fracture is when the bone breaks and comes out of the skin.

Which fracture is the most dangerous type of break in a bone?

Fracture to the Hip Joint causing fracture to the femur can eventually lead to death or fracture to the cranium causing traumatic cephalohydrocele.

What is an external way to fix a femur fracture on a dog?

Go to the doctor????????

What fracture is caused due to weak bone structure not trauma?

your femur

What is another medical term meaning fracture of the neck of the femur?

Fracture of the femoral neck is commonly called a broken hip.

How long does a femur fracture take to heal for a young man?

The femur is a very large bone. Depending upon the extent of the fracture and the repair made to it, it could take as little as 8 weeks to 6 months.

What is a bilateral superior femoral fracture?

It's a fracture in the upper thigh bone, a crack running down both sides of it.

What is the importance of Bryants triangle in orthopadics?

it is important to asses the femur neck fracture....

How many pounds of force does it take to fracture the femur?

In an adult it takes about 2000 lb psi (per square inch)to break a femur

What is the nursing diagnosis for fracture of neck of femur?

The nursing diagnosis for fracture of the neck or femur is acute pain, decreased mobility, decreased stability and overall crankiness. Fractures need to be treated until self care can be established.