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Two biographies about Roald Dahl are:

  • Roald Dahl by Judy Dwyer
  • Roald Dahl: author of Charlie and the chocolate factory by Michelle M. Houle

Roald Dahl actually wrote two autobiographies:

  • Boy - Tales of Childhood
  • Going Solo
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Roald Dahl wrote a book about himself in his childhood named BOY.

as its a biography... i would say birth (or early childhod) to death.

Roald Dahl is popular EVERYWHERE! Roald Dahl is popular EVERYWHERE!

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His parents named him after Roald Amusdmen.

Lucy Dahl, Ophelia Dahl, Tessa Dahl, Theo Matthew Dahl and Olivia Twenty Dahl are Roald Dahl's children. Roald Dahl was a British writer.

Yes. Roald Dahl was a man.

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Roald Dahl wrote James and the Giant Peach.Roald Dahl .Roald Dahl

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Harald Dahl was about 54 when Roald was born. Roald Dahl was born on September 13, 1916.

roald dahl is my fave author and i am doing a biography (short simple 5-10 paragraph school version) on him, his parents were harald dahl and sofie magdalene

Roald Dahl likes writing books.

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Roald dahl favourite food was caviar

Roald Dahl had brown hair.

Roald Dahl hated television. I know this because in his famous book "Matdila" he described the television as a "dreaded box." He also writes in his biography that he preferred when television wasn't invented.

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Roald Dahl died on the 23rd of November 1990.

Roald Dahl joined the RAF in 1936.

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