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Argiope aurantia is a black spider with yellow stripes. Its common names join such different physical descriptions as black and yellow garden spider, corn spider, writing spider, and zipper spider. The black and yellow garden spider generally may be considered harmless to humans.

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I was bitten today by a small black insect with yellow stripes, I think it was a spider but I am not too sure.

A black spider with yellow stripes is a garden orb spider. These are very common and not poisonous to humans.

Black and Yellow Garden Spider

yes some spiders have some strips but not all.

Argiope aurantia, or the black and yellow garden spider, lives in California and has two yellow stripes running lengthwise down its back. They are not dangerous to humans.

There are two common spiders that have blue stripes and may possess some yellow coloration. These are the jumping spider and the fighting spider.

It is called the black widow spider (Referred to as the black widow), it is a spider with a strong neurotoxin. With respect to the body size, they have longer legs and smaller abdomen. They are usually dark brown, has yellow stripes, and a yellow hourglass spot.

Most bees have thoraxes and heads that are black in color, indicating that the natural color of the bee is black. Then a bee is black with yellow stripes.

No, they are not. They are orange with black stripes NOT black with orange/yellow stripes.

Spiders come in a variety of colors that include black and brown. Some spiders have stripes of black and yellow. There are spiders that are shades of orange, green, and yellow.

I think you are referring to a garden spider.

A baby turtle with yellow and black stripes is usually a yellow-bellied slider. Their skin is striped yellow and black, and their shells have yellow and black swirls.

No. They are black with yellow stripes; or yellow with black stripes. Does it really matter?

i have a spider that is black with a white strip on its back?

yes a black and yellow spider is poisoness

A brown spider with yellow stripes is a Saint Andrew's Cross. They are a non-aggressive breed of spiders, and their bite is non-toxic to humans.

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